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10. The Mordaunt Family in the Rest of Britain

1148 - 1475
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    This page is regularly added to or corrected as I discover or am given more information. Any information you can provide about your family members, past or present, would be very welcome. Please forward to
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    Records from 1837-1915

    The registration of births, marriages and death was introduced in 1837.

    Most of the following detail is taken from the census records transcribed on supplemented with additional information provided by correspondents who have carried out more detailed research. The records were obviously transcribed from copies of original records in a hurry by people who had difficulty in reading old-fashioned cursive writing, resulting in some peculiar errors. The following is my transcription from theirs and while I have been able to make some corrections I may well have added some errors and omissions of my own!

    It is soon clear that the records are incomplete, or at least as included in Family members whose births are registered not appearing in census returns (or death certificates); members whose death is recorded not appearing in previous census returns; entries in the New York arrival records not appearing in any previous UK census list; entries in the US Census recorded as being born in England not appearing in the birth records and many others. Correlation is difficult. These days, we take the marking of birthdays and the counting of the years of our ages for granted as a normal activity. The evidence appears to be that this was not the case for most families 150-odd years ago. Years of birth and ages were guessed and approximated, leading to differences of, sometimes, several years between different records, adding to the difficulties. In the 1841 census, recorders were instructed to round ages down to the nearest five years, although clearly not all did so.

    The "traditional" way of tracking family history through birth and marriage records is becoming increasingly impossible and it will be very difficult for future generations to research their ancestry. From the 1980s the number of Mordaunts born out of wedlock increases dramatically and by 2000s the great majority were born to unmarried parents.

    Channel Islands - Cumbria - Devon - County Durham - Hampshire and the Isle of Wight -
    Lincolnshire - Somerset - Staffordshire - Sussex - Yorkshire - Scotland - Wales - I've no idea from where

    Detailed Records 1841 Census to 1911 Census

    The Channel Islands

    Unfortunately, no one has yet had the inspiration to put the old birth, marriage and death records on the Internet.

    • Elizabeth Mordaunt, daughter of Thomas Mordaunt from Devon married Stephen Male from Guernsey on 22nd June 1805. A tragically short marriage, she died and was buried in St. Peter Port on 23rd February 1806.

    • James Mordaunt (abt 1778 - 1847) and his wife Agnes (abt 1779 - before 1871). They are given in 'outline' only because they originated from Devon and more detail is given under Devon, below.
      • William Mordaunt (abt 1810 - 1879). His wife was Elizabeth Hill Dale (1808 - 1881). He became a butcher and the family business continued for some 60 years. (See Steve Foote's site on butchers of Guernsey)
        • William Adolphus Mordaunt (abt 1835 - 1877). He married St Peter Port girl Louisa Martha Dornaille. (abt 1834 - before 1891)
          • Emily L. A. Mordaunt (abt 1861 - ?).
          • Florence Mordaunt (25th March 1868 - 1905). She married Edwin Roda Jamounea and they moved to the USA
          • Osmond Charles Mordaunt (28th September 1869 - ?). He married Lily/Lillian E. Hall.
        • James Cole Mordaunt (abt 1837 - 1837).
        • Adelaide Mordaunt (abt 1838 - ?).
        • Matilda Mordaunt (8th February 1841 - April 1845)
        • Edward James Mordaunt (9th May 1843 - ?) went to sea and married Williamina in Scotland.
          • Edward Mordaunt (abt 1890 - ?).
        • Emily Mordaunt (29th August 1845 - 2nd May 1846)

    Passing through the Channel Islands in this period were:
    • Thomas Coale Mordaunt (1803 - 1877) who was also born in Devon and his wife Agnes (abt 1815 - 1874) were in Guernsey in the 1830s; their children were born there. They shortly moved on to the Isle of Wight. More information on this family too is given under Devon below.
      • Emma Mordaunt (1832 - 1855).
      • John Russell Mordaunt (1834 - 1879).

    • George Mordaunt (abt. 1755 - 1834), late of Lambeth, Surrey (now London), was buried in St. Peter Port on 16th January 1834

    • John Mordaunt (abt 1842 - ?). son of the silk weaver, Frederick (see the Mordaunts in London page) and his wife Louisa (abt 1842 - ?), seem to have been in Guernsey in the 1860s before returning to Islington. Of their several children, the eldest
      • Frederick G Mordaunt (abt 1867 - ?) was recorded as born in Guernsey. Is this coincidence or were they related to James and Thomas? They were all finally to emigrate to the USA.


    • John Mordaunt, son of Lt Gen. Harry Mordaunt, was MP for Cockermouth in Cumberland from 1741 but parish records show that Mordaunt families were already established in the area. I wonder if he ever met them. The Mordaunt name is rare so to have a tight cluster of families such as occured in (modern) Cumbria in the 18th Century suggests a fairly close relationship. Unfortunately, while 6 parish registers are on-line, several 'key' parishes have not been transcribed to the web.

    • Joseph Mordant (sic) (? _ before 1747), a clerk, married Isabella Grayson in Whitehaven in 1741 according to a transcript of the Lancashire and Westmoreland Marriage Bonds published on A later transcript has Isabella Mordant, a widow, marrying a mariner, William Whiteside, in Whitehaven in 1747.

    • Grace Mordaunt (b. abt. 1725) of Harrington married John Henry (also b. abt. 1725), a mariner of Whitehaven on 15th May 1749, if I have read correctly the transcription on of the Lancashire and Westmoreland Marriage Bonds 1746 - 1755.

    The transcripts of the Gilcrux parish of Gilcrux, regretably no longer on line, record:

    • Joseph Mordaunt (abt. 1687 - 1774 {Buried 26th November}) is recorded as a churchwarden in 1746/47. That same year,
    • Mary Mordaunt married Joseph Collin of Ellenborough on 11th June 1747, apparently the only event in the church that year!
    • A Thomas Mordaunt, age not recorded, was buried 10th January 1767.
    • Margret Mordaunt, a widow, was buried 2nd September 1769.
    • Margret Mordaunt, a spinster, was buried 20th May 1771.
    • Lucy Mordant (sic) aged 75, was buried 29th April 1797.
      The relationships of all these would be entirely speculative.

    Meanwhile, the transcripts of the neighbouring parish of Dearham, also regretably no longer on line, record:

    • Peter Mordaunt married Grace Harrison on 18th June 1738. She died and was buried 28th March 1747
      • William Mordaunt , son of Peter, now described as "of Ellenburgh" was baptized 11th February 1739 (1738 in the old calender when New Year was 25th March). He married Isabel/Isabella Armstrong (abt. 1732 - buried 13 May 1822) on 12th December 1762.
        • Peter Mordaunt was baptised on 9th March 1764. Sadly he died barely 2 years old and was buried 19th April 1766.
        • William Mordaunt was baptised on 27th February 1766 aged 2 months.
        • Grace Mordaunt was baptised on 6th May 1768 but died and was buried 25th April 1769. Now! Here is some confusion. A Grace Mordaunt married Nicholas Moore, a house carpenter of the parish on Distington on 26th August 1795!
        • Peter Mordaunt was baptised on 12th June 1773.
          • Eleanor Mordaunt (b. 12th April 1802) was baptised on 26th September 1802, the illegitimate daughter of a Peter Mordaunt (this one seems the most likely candidate) and Sarah Smith.
      • Ann Mordaunt was baptised on 12th July 1741
      • Mary Mordaunt was baptised on 21st August 1743. Was she the Mary Mordaunt above who married Joseph Collin, of Ellenborough in the parish of Dearham, in Gilcrux on 11th June 1748
      • Peter Mordaunt was baptised on 12th February 1747. His mother died six weeks later and he too died and was buried on 16th June the same year
      Peter wasted no time and married Mary Crosby on 19th November 1747. He was buried 5th January 1757, described as "of Flimby."
      • Another Peter Mordaunt was baptised on 24th September 1749. They seemed determined to perpetuate the name Peter in the family!
      • John Mordaunt was baptised on 15th March 1752. This was the year that New Year was moved to 1st January. As a result, all the entries January - 25 March were copied out again in a new register.
      • James Mordaunt was baptised on 10th March 1754. It was possibly this James Mordaunt who married Mary Ostle (23 November 1757 - ?) in Crosscannonby Church on 28th February 1795. Ostle was a locally common surname. They had at least two sons who survived to be recorded by the official censuses from 1841:
        • Ostle Mordaunt (10th May 1796 - 21 September 1868) was born in Ribton, Cumberland. He farmed with his brother:
        • Richard Mordaunt (6th August 1798- 13th January 1874). Neither brother seems to have married. They appear together in the 1841 census, the 1851 census and the 1861 census. He became sole occupier of the farm on the death of his brother. His brother's assets, and at his own death his own assets, were valued at under £100. A return of Owners of Land dated 1873, presumably compiled for tax purposes, states that he held 77 acres of land at Great Broughton with a gross rental value of £102. I wonder, therefore, if the farm was rented. As well as the census, I am grateful to Ostle family research

          Photographs of the grave stones of Richard and Ostle Mordaunt side by at the Quaker burial ground, Little Broughton, Cumbria. I am very grateful to my correspondent, Dr. C. Thomson in July 2002.

      • Harry Mordaunt was baptized on 1st April 1756. He died young and was buried on 12 April 1759.

    • Joseph Mordaunt (abt. 1731 - 1809), described as a pauper aged 78, was buried at Dearham on 23rd July 1809. One cannot help but wonder where he 'suddenly' came from or where he had been for the previous 78 years and why he received a pauper's burial. Could he have been the Joseph Mordaunt listed above as a churchwarden in Gilcrux in 1748.

    Lamenting earlier the lack of parish registers on-line, to the rescue comes Petra Mitchinson who has searched parish records in Workington

    • Isaac Mordaunt is listed in the parish records of St. Michael's, Workington, marrying Mary Melvin on 2nd December 1751. Petra Mitchinson notes that an Isaac, a French Huguenot, was born 15th February 1728, baptised 15 February 1728 in Threadneedle Street, London, the son of Pierre & Marie Elizabeth Mordant (née Laune). This seems confirmed by a descendent through their daughter Elizabeth, Margaret Greer, who kindly wrote to me with additional information. In 1721 - 1723 they were resident at Brick Lane, Spitalfields and in receipt of the King's Bounty. (French Refugees in Great Britain in the early 1700s). Margaret believes Pierre's father was an Isaac Mordant whose Will was dated 1738 and probated 1747. "My grandmother told me that our family had Huguenot ancestors and I'm almost 100% certain that this is my family. I think they came to England via Rotterdam and originated in Lintot in the Haute-Normandie region of France ( Temoignages passed to me by a member of the Huguenot Society)".
      This Isaac was described in the parish record as a mariner, which would explain how he would have gone to Workington, then a busy port. Isaac and Mary seem to have big gaps between their children but, either some are missing or he could have been away at sea for long periods.
      • Sarah Mordaunt was baptised 21st December 1752 in St. Michaels, Workington. The Scarrow Main family tree on the Public Family Tree page of identifies her as a daughter of Isaac. She married Thomas Scarrow, a blacksmith of Cockermouth in Workington on 20th August 1777 according to Cumberland Parish Registers. Marriages, edited by W.P.W. Phillimore and C.W. Ruston-Harrison (1910). The Scarrow Main family tree lists two sons and two daughters.
      • Elizabeth Mordaunt was baptised 26th November 1758. An Elizabeth Mordent (sic) (age given as 24 years) married John Allan (age 26 years) in Bridekirk on 19th April 1784.
      • Isaac Mordaunt was baptised 1st August 1765. The marriage of an Isaac Mordaunt to Frances Lowe is recorded at St. Michael's, Workington, on 13th December 1787. Then another apparent long wait for children!
        • Eldred Mordaunt (baptised 3rd April 1791, but birth given from 6 to 11 years later in 1841/51/61 census records - died 1863), presumably named after his uncle, born in Workington, is listed in the Cumberland Parish Registers as a master mariner, marrying Margaret Cannon (1805 - 1898) on 11th October 1828. They are listed in the 1841 census (page 1 and page 2), by which time he had become a shipowner and then again in the 1851 census when they were living at brow Top, Workington.
          • Dorothy Mordaunt (1829 - ?) was baptised in St. Peter's, Liverpool, on 1st September 1829. I have found no further reference to her and suspect she died young, certaily before the 1841 census.
          • Mary Frances Mordaunt (abt 1832 - ?). She married in Cockermouth in 1855. This was presumably to a Mr Wilson; a Mary B. Wilson (b. abt. 1861) was staying with her grandmother Margaret in Liverpool in the 1881 census.
          • Margaret Cannon Mordaunt (abt 1835 - ?). Another source transcription gives her second name as Cameron. She married Edward Ogden on 6th June, 1866 at St. John's, Blackpool.
          • Jane Lowe Mordaunt ( abt 1837 - ?). She married George L. Anderton at St. Bride with St. Saviour, Liverpool, in 1865.
          Soon after, by the time of the 1861 census, they had moved to 61 Bedford Road, Abercromby, Liverpool. Described as a "landed proprietor", Eldred and his wife Margaret (abt 1805 - 1898?) took with them their two, then still unmarried, youngest daughters, who both found husbands in Liverpool. After Eldred's death Margaret continued to live in Liverpool in some comfort. I have not found her in the 1871 census but in the 1881 census she was listed in Botanic Street, Liverpool. Staying/living with her was a 20 year granddaughter, Mary Wilson, born in Cockermouth. . She was listed in the 1891 census in Bedford Street where she died in 1898. Probate of her effects was valued at £22,220 and granted to her widowed daughters, Margaret and Jane.
      • Eldred Mordaunt (the Cumbrian Mordaunts certainly chose for themselves esoteric names! Where did the name Eldred come from?) was baptised 3rd January 1769

    • Sarah Mordaunt (? - ?), titled Miss and therefore, presumably, unmarried, left £500 towards a "Good Templars' Hall" in Seaton built in 1884, according to this 1901 guide to Cumberland. 'The Good Templars' was a temperance movement.

    • Arthur Mordaunt (abt 1863 - ?), aged 8 years, was recorded in the 1871 census in West Derby, Liverpool. It was recorded that he had been born in Cockermouth and was the nephew of either John Prior or his wife Caroline


      Trying to put together the various internet references to the Mordaunts in Devon that I have found or been referred to is like trying to fit together a jigsaw with too many pieces missing. The big problem is a multipicity of Osmonds and Thomases. In a list of thirteen baptisms from St. Clement, Townstall, Dartmouth, covering sixty five years, the parent listed in each case is a Thomas!
    • Osmond Mordaunt is recorded in the IGI Internet transcription as the father of a Mordaunt Mordaunt (sic) who married Mary Mrs Hyne, in Stoke Fleming on 4th December 1688. Clearly the volunteer transcriber had a blank moment! It must have been the groom who was
      • Osmond Mordaunt, because eighteen months later Osmond and Mary had a son
        • Thomas Mordaunt, son of Osmond Mordaunt and Mary, was baptised in Stoke Fleming on 24 May 1690, according to the England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538 -1975 list.
        . In turn, twenty eight years on, a Thomas Mordaunt married Mary Southcote in St Petrox Church in nearby Dartmouth on 9 August 1718, cording to the list England, Select Marriages 1538 - 1975. It was also, presumably, this Thomas Mordaunt of Stoke Fleming who is listed as taking the 1723 Loyalty Oath.
    There is a peculiar account in an 1857 volume published on Google Books that denounces the parish register entries relating to Osmond's marriage to Mary Hyne and the baptism of Thomas as forgeries connected to an attempt to make a false claim to the dormant title of Baron of Turvey. Given the continuing presence of these Mordaunts in the area, this accusation of forgery seems spurious. The book does not relate who was the intended beneficiary of the claim. The accusation of a later forgery in a City of London church perhaps has more merit but again the claiment or the intended beneficiary is not named. Neither the College of Heralds nor the Privileges Committee of the House of Lords have any records of any claims to the dormant title.
    Records of the estate of Osmond Mordaunt of Stoke Fleming are held in Devon Archives, reference QS/76/51-55, dated 1717, and reference QS/76/180 dated 1739. I do not know if they are the same or father and son. There is also a report to the Government on the Property held by Papists in 1715 and 1718 in the South West in which his property seems to be valued at £45.
        Thirty one years after the baptism of Thomas Mordaunt, son of Osmond and Mary Hyne, a Thomas is the named father of
        • Thomas Mordaunt, son of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 19th October, 1721, according to the England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538 -1975 list.. He presumably married someone somewhere because, predictably, twenty three years later
          • Thomas Mordaunt, son of Thomas, was baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 29th August, 1744, according to the England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538 -1975 list.
          • Elizabeth Mordaunt, daughter of Thomas, was baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 20th May, 1746.
          Now it starts to get really confusing. Having had Thomas, son of Thomas, baptised just above in 1744,
          • Thomas Cole Mordaunt (1749 - 1803?), son of Thomas, was baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 17th June, 1749, according to the England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538 -1975 list. It is possible that the first Thomas died and the second son was named after him or he could be from an entirely different branch of the family. Whoever, he married Elizabeth Goodridge in Blackawton, Devon, in 1768. A Thomas Cole Mordaunt was also a beneficiary under the will of the widow Limbrey, who had made bequests to Amy and Frances Mordaunt below, in 1788. A Thomas Mordaunt was buried at Woodleigh on 1st April 1803. At least four of their children are easily identifiable
            • Susannah Goodrige Mordaunt was baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 25th February, 1772. A Sarah Goodridge Mordaunt married Jacques Guyot at St. Clement's, Townstal, on 19th October 1796. Either this is an otherwise unrecorded sister or one of them is a transcription error.
            • James Cole Mordaunt was baptised in Stoke Fleming on 14th December 1777. Maybe he died soon after because it seems another James Cole was baptised in the same church the following year (below)
            • Osmond Mordaunt (1779 - 1852) was baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 3rd August, 1779. An Osmond Mordaunt (abt 1781 - 1852), appears in the 1841 census, (with two live-in servants), and the 1851 census, born in Townstall, Dartmouth, described as a landed proprietor in Thurlestone, married to Betsy (abt 1782 - 1865), born in Plymouth. He is presumably the Osmond Mordaunt whose correspondence about a property at 10 George Street, Plymouth, 1838 - 1844, is held in Plymouth and West Devon Record office. In an 1850 Gazetteer and Directory of Devon he was listed as a resident of the village of Slapton. His death in 1852 was registered in Kingsbridge.
              • Osmond Mordaunt (abt 1811 - before 1901?), born in Plymouth, looked after his mother after his father's death. The were listed together in the 1861 census in Thurlstone when he was describedd as a retired farmer (at 50 years of age!!). He married Jemima Elliot (abt 1825 - 1910) at Holy Trinity, Mile End, Old Town, Stepney, London on 26th October, 1864. She had swapped the streets of London for the countryside of devon by the 1871 census. They had no children. It is, presumably, he, described as "of Buckland," who is listed in an 1870 Directory of Thurlestone among the Clergy and Nobility. They were listed together in the 1881 census and the 1891 census.
            • William Goodrige Mordaunt was baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth, on 15th December, 1780.

            Another six children baptised from approximately the same generation, but to which Thomas is unclear, were:

            • Thomas Mordaunt (1769 - 1845 ?), son of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth on 11th April 1769. This is presumably the Thomas Mordaunt who married Grace Jellard (abt. 1771 - 1848) in Woodleigh (var. Woodley) on 29th July 1795. They are the only Mordaunts listed in Devon in the 1841 census, (page 1 continued on page 2), when they were living in Clarence Street, Totnes and he is described as an agricultural labourer. Devon Record Office 52M/L/24 has details of a 14 year lease to a Thomas Mordaunt, a yeoman (usually a small landholder), in 1810 on a messuage called Higher Hendham consisting of two cottages at Topsham Bridge and fields in Woodleigh parish. An "agricultural labourer" is certainly a step down from a yeoman. Are they the same person? I am presuming he is the Thomas Mordaunt whose death was recorded as January - March, 1845, in the England and Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1837 -1915 list.
              • Thomas Mordaunt was baptised in Stoke Fleming on 30th July 1797, according to the England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538 -1975 list. Presumably he died soon after as
              • Thomas Mordaunt was baptised in Stoke Fleming on 14th August 1798, according to the England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538 -1975 list. He is preumabley the Thomas Mordaunt buried in St. Mary´s Churchyard, Woodleigh, Devon, on 1st April 1803, according to the index.
              • John Mordaunt(?) was baptised in Woodleigh on 23rd September 1800 (This is guessed. The orginal is almost illegible)
              • Emma Mordaunt was baptised in Woodleigh on 25 February 1802
              • Thomas Cole/Coale Mordaunt (1803 - 1877) was baptised in Woodleigh on 27th June 1803. He married Agnes Mordaunt (abt 1815 - 1874), also from Woodleigh on 29th May, 1831, in St Helier, Jersey. Either the rector made a mistake about her name in his registry or he presumably married his cousin, Agnes Gillard Mordaunt (b. 1811), daughter of James Cole(?) Mordaunt, below. For a while he followed his relatives (uncle?) to Guernsey, where his children were born, but in the 1841 census he is listed as a tobacconist (oddly, his name is spelt Coale in all census lists) in Newchurch in the Isle of Wight. By the 1851 census (page 1 and page 2) the family had moved to Portsmouth. In the 1861 census he was a coal dealer. By the 1871 census he was a greengrocer and son John was a hawker of vegetables. Agnes's death was recorded in Christchurch, Hampshire.
                • Emma Mordaunt (23rd October 1832 - 1855), was born in Guernsey. She was baptised in St. Peter Port on 11th November 1832. Agnes and William Mordaunt were among the godparents. She married a Mr Sherlock in 1849 but was probably a widow and staying with her parents the day of the 1851 census.
                  • Thomas Sherlock (abt 1850 - ?). In the 1851 and 1861 censuses he was living with his grandparents. He had moved on by 1871.
                • John Russell Mordaunt (15th April 1834 - 1879) was born in Guernsey. He was baptised in St. Peter Port on 10th May 1834. In the 1861 census he was living at home with his parents working as a coal carrier. When his father switched to being a greengrocer, by the 1871 census he was a hawker of vegetables. He did not long survive his parents.
            • Mary Mordaunt, daughter of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth on 31st May 1774
            • Elizabeth Mordaunt (1775 - 1806), daughter of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth on 7th March 1775. She married Stephen Male in Guernsey on 22nd Jund 1805 and died, tragically, soon after. She was buried in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, on 23rd February 1806.
            • Henrietta Mordaunt, daughter of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth on 8th October 1776
            • James Cole(?) Mordaunt, son of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth on 22nd September 1778. Maybe the first James Cole died and this was a replacement. (It is spelt "Calle" on the Internet but I am sure this must be a spelling or transcription error) or again, maybe, he was a different branch of the family. A James Cole Mordaunt (abt. 1781 - 22 August 1847) married Agnes Jellard (abt. 1779 - before 1871) on 25th August 1806 in Blackawton. They are found in the Guernsey census of 1841 running a lodging house in Guernsey. William died of "hydropisie" in 1847 and by the 1851 census all his remaining family were living in the lodging house at 33 Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port.
              • William Mordaunt (abt 1810 - 21st April 1879), born in Devon. He worked as a butcher in the 1841 census and the family business continued for some 60 years. (See Steve Foote's site on butchers of Guernsey). His wife, born in Guernsey was Elizabeth Hill Dale (18th June 1808 - before 1881). They appeared in the 1851 census when it seems that their home was also a boarding house. They seem to have missed any 1861 census but were listed in the 1871 census. He died of a kidney disease.
                • William Adolphus Mordaunt (abt 1835 - 4th October 1877) was born in Guernsey (although the 1871 census says England). He married St Peter Port girl Louisa M. (abt 1834 - before 1891) and they tried their luck in America, where, according to the 1860 US census, he was working as a cigar maker in Cincinnati. They returned to Guernsey before the birth of their second surviving child in 1868 and he became a butcher like his father. In 1871 he and his family were living in Rochford House, Ramée Road, next door to his parents and sister Adelaide. He died of a fracture of the spine in 1877 but his widow, Louisa, continued as a butcher and was described as such in the 1881 census.
                  • Emily Louise A. Mordaunt (abt 1861 - ?) was born in the United States, probably Cincinnati. By the 1881 census she was a music teacher and she was still unmarried in the 1891 census when she was sharing a home with her brother Osmond. In the 1901 census, she was described as a visitor at a house in Hackney, London, in which the 'wife' and 'sister-in-law' recorded were both from Guernsey. Visiting friends, perhaps? Whatever, she was still in London at the 1911 census boarding in Stoke Newington and working as a stationer. The census enumerator mistakenly wrote USA for her nationality instead of place of birth.
                  • Florence Mordaunt (abt 1868 - 21st August 1905) was born in Guernsey. She married Edwin Roda Jamouneau (1865 - ?), presumably in Guernsey. They moved to the United States and were in Boston at the 1900 US census.
                    • Florence I. Jamouneau (? - ?)
                    • Ella May Jamouneau (? - ?)
                  • Osmond Charles Mordaunt (abt. 1870 - ?) was born in Guernsey. By the age of 21 years he had taken over the family business as a butcher by the 1891 census. He married Lily/Lillian E. Hall (abt 1874 - ?), born in St. Peter Port,in about 1895 but they were not together for the 1901 census. He was living at Vauvert Terrace, with a housekeeper, in the 1901 census while she was listed in the 1901 census living on her own means and boarding with the Allcock family at 25 Allez Street, St. Peter Port. They were together at the 1911 census, married for 16 years He had stopped being a butcher and was described as a lodging house keeper with three residents. They had no children. Steve Foote forwarded an entry dated January 1891 in the minutes of the States Market Committee, which was the government body responsible for the administration of the markets and had to license all butchers:-
                    "We the undersigned Butchers of the "Guernsey Meat Market" consider Osmond Mordaunt a fit and proper person to hold a shop in the said Meat Market. Signed William Goddard, Albert Best, James E Sherwill, William H Foote, George Hellier."
                    William Foote was Steve's grandfather.
                    Steve further wrote "The St Peter Port Markets (including the 1822 Meat Market and the earlier Leadenhall Market opposite) were the subject of a major redevelopment project in the early years of this century, and have recently reopened as a shopping mall - the meat market is now a "New Look" I think. Some photos of the interiors during the redevelopment can be found on the BBC Guernsey site. Both the Markets and Glategny Esplanade have changed little in their external appearance since the 19th Century."
                    I am very grateful to a correspondent, Dorothy Robert, for correcting and providing additional information on Osmond and Lily.
                • James Cole Mordaunt (abt 1837 - 1837) was born in Guernsey. He was born and baptised on 17th April and buried on 21st April, 1837
                • Adelaide Mordaunt (30th April 1838 - ?) was born in Guernsey and baptised on 2nd June 1838. Adelaide was recorded in the 1881 census as a "butcheress", perhaps helping her widowed sister-in-law, Louisa. She was "living on her own means" in the 1891 census. She had not married by the 1901 census when she is one of the three surviving bearers of the name, Mordaunt. At the 1911 census she lived alone in St Martin, Guernsey in a house called Sorrento.
                • Matilda Mordaunt (8th February 1841 - April 1845) was born in Guernsey and baptised on 6th March 1841. She was buried 22nd April 1845.
                • Edward James Mordaunt (9th May 1843 - before 1912?) was born in Guernsey. He became a seaman and was awarded his certificate as a 2nd mate in 1868. In 1875 he qualified as 1st mate and in 1880 was awarded his master's certificate. He married Williamina (sic) (abt 1855 - 1915), born in Paisley, before the 1881 Scottish census when she was listed but he was not; perhaps he was at sea. He appears in the 1891 Scottish census when they were living in Glasgow. The national probate Calender(Index of Wills and Administrations) lists Williamina's death on 13th January 1915 while living at Rotherhithe, Kent. Her effects were valued at £2.
                  • Edward James Mordaunt (abt 1890 - ?) was born in Glasgow. He married Blanche L. Jennings (? - 1970) in Greenwich in 1920.
                    • Edward J. Mordaunt (1923 - 1975) was born in the St Olave district, Greater London. He served as a navigator on Lancaster bombers in WWII. He married Doris Neal
                      • Sarah E. Mordaunt (b. 1957) was born in Bromley. She married Peter Lawry in Cambridge in July 1985 but they later divorced
                        • David James Lawry (b. September 1986) was born in Cambridgeshire
                        • Jessic Ruth Lawry Tatton (b. November 1989) was born in Surrey
                        • Joel Lawry, who now lives in Christchurch, New Zealand
                      • Nicholas E. J. Mordaunt (b. 1961) was born in Sidcup. He married Alison J. Kennett in Ashford, Kent, in August 1985
                        • Matthew Edward J. Mordaunt (b. July 1989) was born in Ashford, Kent
                        • Rose Lavinia Mordaunt (b. August 1994) was born in Ashford, Kent
                    • Leslie W. Mordaunt (1924 - 2003) was born in Greenwich. In 1954 he married Dorothy R.M. Payne in Lewisham
                      • Lindsay R. Mordaunt (b.1958) was born in Dartford, Kent. She married Alistair M. Tatton in Falmouth in 1993. The family now live in New Zealand. I am very grateful to Lindsay for kindly contacting me to correct and to provide additional information about her family.
                        • Callum James Tatton (b. 1996) was born in Truro
                        • Afton Merriel Tatton (b. 1998) was born in Truro
                    • Alfred Charles Mordaunt (1928 - ?) was born in Lewisham. In 1954 he married Margaret A. Palmer in Dartford, Kent. He is listed as a former director of Table Tennis Pro-Europe Ltd.
                      • Christopher C. Mordaunt (b. 1961) was born in Tonbridge, Greater London. He married 1. Denise Miller in Honiton, Devon, in August 1991, and 2. Cheryl V. Ward in Westminster in July 2001
                        • Grace Margaret Mordaunt (b. 2002) was born in the Bath and North East Somerset district
                        • Wilfred Mordaunt (b. 2004) was born in the Bath and North East Somerset district.
                      • Alastair P. Mordaunt (b. 1965) was born in Tonbridge
                  • Williamina Elliot Mordaunt (abt. 1892 - ?). The daughter of a seaman, she married William John Charles Ashman (abt. 1878 - ?), a seaman, at St. Mary, Rotherhithe, on 27th April, 1912, both resident at 8, Oak Place. Her father is recorded as deceased in the register entry; her brother was a witness
                    • Edith B. Ashman (1920 - ?) was born in Greenwich
                    • Gwendolin. Ashman (1920 - ?) was born in Greenwich
                    • Phyllis I. Ashman (1920 - ?) was born in Greenwich
                • Emily Mordaunt (29th August 1845 - 2nd May 1846) was born in Guernsey and died at 8 months.
              • Agnes Gillard Mordaunt (1811 - ?), daughter of James and Agnes, was baptised in Woodleigh on 5th July 1812. It seems probable that she married her cousin, Thomas Cole Mordaunt, above, in St. Helier, in 1831.
            • Frances Mordaunt, daughter of Thomas, baptised in St. Clement Church, Townstal, Dartmouth on 9th October 1786. A Frances Mordaunt probably married a Samuel Polybank. Thomas Mordaunt Polybank, son of Samuel and Frances, was baptised in Thurleston on 11th June 1820
            If these are all the children of Thomas Cole and Elizabeth, they were an extraordinarily fecund couple and she was extraordinarily fit!

            Roughly contemporary with older Thomas Cole Mordaunt, above, was

          • Osmond Mordaunt (? - before 1787) who appears between 1734 and 1758, described as a "gentleman, Papist" in a list of freeholders in Stoke Fleming on the south Devon coast close to Dartmouth. The word "gentleman" at that time tended to have a very specific meaning denoting connections to aristocracy, and he was identified in the list as a Catholic because, as such, he would have been forbidden to vote in elections. Maybe was a son or grandson of Osmond and Mary above. Either he, or yet another Osmond, had children
            • Frances Mordaunt (? - 1799), named as the daughters of an Osmond Mordaunt, were beneficiaries of the Will of Julian (sic) Limbrey, a widow of Little Dartmouth, Townstall, proven in 1788 (National Archives).
              The Will of a Frances Mordaunt of Dartmouth, dated 1798, proved in 1799, names a number of nephews and nieces Mordaunt and so, clearly, she had at least one brother
            • Amy Mordaunt (? - 1787/88). In a codicil to the widow Limbey's Will, it is clear that Amy had died before the will was proven. Her share was to go to Frances.
            • Osmond Mordaunt who, according to the website married Mary Taylor(1737 - 1814) . The family were still Catholic and it seems it was this brother who took his family to Lisbon in Portugal. Whether that was for reasons of trade or religious freedom (or maybe a bit of both) I have not been able to find out. In a page of the London Gazette, 1750, he is named as a merchant in Coimbra, Portugal. In what order his children were born I do not know.
              • Osmond Mordaunt (? - 1814). He moved on from Coimbra to the island of Tenerife and his will of 1813, proved in 1814, shows him to have been wealthy, disposing of in excess of £20,000. He was clearly paricularly attached to his sister Mary Barbara and noticabley favoured her and her family in his will.
              • Mary Barbara Mordaunt (1761 - 1828), married a David Galloway who was named as one of the executors of her brother Osmond's Will. That Will refers to her son, John Galloway, and alludes to daughters unnamed
              • Mary Anne Mordaunt seems to have married a Portuguese, ? Puito(?) de Carvalho
              • Matilda Mordaunt. In the Will of her aunt Frances, she was noted as lodging in a convent. Her brother's will refers to some difficulties between them; he wrote that he forgave her and expressed his wish she should be able to live as comfortably as her sisters.
              • Juliana Mordaunt.
              • William Mordaunt.( d. 1826 in India) He was not mentioned in his aunt's Will which made bequests to his sisters and left any residue of her estate to Osmond. Osmond bequeathed William a fair share of his estate and refers to William's sons and daughters without making it clear if they had been born yet. The way he constantly emphasised "legitimate" leads one to wonder if William had scattered the odd illegitimate son around.
                My conjecture is that he is the William Mordaunt whose details are given in detail on the East India Company page, where a William Mordant (sic) was listed as a Portuguese Merchant or Agent in 1799, a William Osmond Mordaunt married a lady with a Portuguese name, Francisca Rebeiro, in 1805 and whose son
                • William Mordaunt was could have been born a year later in 1806. He married Ann Rechay in the Bengal presidency, on 17th June, 1828, aged 22 years.
              This family would, presumably, have been in Portugal during the Peninsular War, 1807 (when French Armies crossed Spain to invade Portugal) - 1814. Also, presumably, in Tenerife, Osmond would have come under the rule of Napolean's brother, Joseph, when the Spanish royal family were overthrown in 1808.

          • A Miss Mordaunt is listed in a 1791 Dartmouth directory as a Milliner. Which one of the above ladies in purple or pink font she was is anyone's guess.

  • William Mordaunt (abt. 1631 - 1707) was a younger brother to Sir Charles Mordaunt, 3rd baronet, of Massingham Parva in Norfolk. He married Anne Butler from Pembrokeshire, Wales, and they lived on one of her family's estates. After her death he seems to have sold up and moved to an estate in Devon. Unfortunately I cannot now remember or find my source for this information. His four sons produced no granchildren and so, I presume, the estate was disposed of.

    Unconnected at present are:

    • Emma Mordaunt married Richard Adams in Woodleigh on 11th June 1820
    • Ann Mordaunt (abt 1848 - ?), born in Pool, Devon, (I have not been able to identify where that is), got a solitary mention in the 1871 census lodging in Chelsea working as a milliner.
    • Frederick T. B. Mordant (sic) (abt 1862 - ?), born in Sidmouth, Devon, was recorded as a 19 year-old 2nd Master at a Grammar School in Montgomeryshire (now part of Powys) in the 1881 census.
    • Cyril Mordaunt (abt. 1865 - ?), born in Middleton, Devon, although I have hot been able to identify where that is, was boarding in Dover, living on independent means, in the 1891 census.
    • Thomas Mordaunt married in Barnstaple, October - December, 1895, according to the England and Wales Civil Registration Marriage Index,1837 - 1915.

    I am very grateful to Steve Foote who kindly wrote to me and shared some of the fruits of his research into butchers of Guernsey, in which he had come across the Mordaunts from Devon after they moved to Guernsey. With the help of Ray Osborn, who has done his own research into Devon records, he had details of the pre-census marriages and pointed me in the direction of further fruitful research. Then, on a visit to Guernsey he found time to look up more Mordaunt family details that I have been able to add into this page.

County Durham/Tyne and Wear

  • Edward Eustace Mordaunt (abt. 1839 - 1933) is confusing to follow in the records as he is variously listed as either Edward or Eustace, his surname is commonly misspelt and his age often understated. He was born in Sheffield, son of George Mordaunt (see Yorkshire, below). In the 1851 census, in Sheffield, his age was given as 11 years. In the 1881 census (misspelt Morden), described as a mariner, his age was given as only 33. He had married his wife Elizabeth Lamb Stafford (abt 1854 - 1914) in Sunderland in 1873 and they were living at 53 Back Nile Street, Bishopwearmouth, Co, Durham. In the 1891 census they were living at 3 Clayson Street, Throston, Co. Durham, when his age was given as 45. Their eldest daughter, Hannah was away with her grandmother Mordaunt in Sheffield. In the 1901 census, now 52 years of age, they were living at 7 Princess Street, St. Hilda, Hartlepool. In the 1911 census now given correctly as 71 years) he was described as a retired mariner living at 41 Gass Street, West Hartlepool. It is surprising that , as a mariner, he was always at home for the census; I suspect his wife may sometimes have included him in his absence. They had children:
    • Hannah Maria Mordaunt (1874 - ?) was born in Sunderland. In the 1891 census she was recorded with her grandmother Mordaunt in Sheffield. She married in Hartlepool district in 1894.
    • Mary Elizabeth L. Mordaunt (1878 - 1878), born in Sunderland
    • Priscilla Mordaunt (1879 - 1950), born in Sunderland. She married William James Dawkins in Hartlepool district in 1899 and had eleven children: Elizabeth Lamb, Ena, May, William Henry, James White, Harry, Rosina, Charles, Norman, Priscilla May and John. I am very grateful to her 2xgreat grandson, Paul Johnson, for contacting me and filling in gaps about the family.
      I am grateful to a correspondent, Grenville Davies, who, in August 2018, kindly sent me a transcript from the funerals announcements of the Northern Daily Mail, West Hartlepool, 28th August, 1950
      Dawkins: on August 28, at 72 Mary Street, Priscilla, aged 71 years, dearly beloved wife of the late William Dawkins. Cortege leaves above address, Wednesday, 3pm, for Hartlepool New Cemetery. please accept this (the only) intimation. R.i.P.
    • Joseph Stafford Mordaunt (1881 - 1881), born in Sunderland
    • Charles Osbert Bart. Mordaunt (1882 - 1917), born in Sunderland. He married Elizabeth Jane Andrew in Hartlepool district in 1906. An Able Seaman Charles Osbert Mordaunt of the mercantile marine died 17th October 1917 and is named on the Tower Hill Memorial in London; his wife would have been pregnant with their fourth child, which she named after him.
      • Annie Elizabeth Mordaunt (1910 - ?), born in Hartlepool. She married Alexander Phillips in 1937.
      • Mary Mordaunt (? - ?), born in Hartlepool.
      • Kathleen Mordaunt (26th September 1915 - 2016), born in Hartlepool. Reaching her 100th birthday, she received the traditional birthday card from the Queen.
      • Charles Osbert Mordaunt (30th March, 1918 - 3rd October, 2018), born in Hartlepool. He was a merchant seaman but was commandeered to served in the Royal Navy on the outbreak of war. He was one of the few survivors of the sinking of HMS Jervis Bay in October 1940. In December 1942 he was a member of the crew of the SS Queen City when it was torpedoed by an Italian submarine at the mouth of the River Amazon. He related his experiences for the Imperial War Museum archives in October 1991
        He married Irene Wales at the York Road Methodist Church, West Hartlepool, on 15th September, 1945 (Northern Daily Mail, 21st September, 1945, courtesy of Grenville Davies).
        • David Charles Mordaunt (1947 - 2009) was born in West Hartlepool. He married Enid Ingram in Hartlepool in 1969
          • Shaun Daniel Mordaunt (b. ?), whose birth details I have not been able to find in the England and Wales registration index. He lives in South Wales
            • Sophie Danielle Mordaunt (b. 1997) whose birth was registered in Newport. Her mother's maiden name was Collins.
        • Kathleen Mordaunt (b. 1948) was born in West Hartlepool. She married Arthur Fowler in Hartlepool in 1968
          • Mark Fowler (b. 1968). I am very grateful to his daughter, Rachael Fowler who wrote to me in February 2021 with additional information about the family
          • Christopher Fowler (b. 1971)
    • Sarah Regina Mordaunt (6th November, 1887 - ?), born in Sunderland and christened 10th June, 1888, when her father's name was given as Eustace. She was listed in the 1891 and 1901 censuses at home as Sarah and in the 1911 census as Regina when she was working as a live-in general servant for the Milner family at 7 Prospect Place, Harrogate. She married a Mr Beardmore in Hartlepool district in 1914.
    • Louis/Lewis James Mordaunt (1891 - 1964), born in Hartlepool. In the 1911 census he was living with his parents working as a plater's helper in the shipyard. He married Catherine Coxon in Hartlepool in 1928.
      • Elizabeth L. Mordaunt (b. 1929) was born in Hartlepool. She married Eric Pay in 1950 in Durham.
        • Janice Pay (b. 1955) was born in Durham
      • Hudson W. Mordaunt (b. 1931) was born in Hartlepool. He married Margaret Sheader in 1950
        • Dorothy L. Mordaunt (b. 1951) was born in Durham
        • Katherine E. Mordaunt (b. 1952) was born in Durham
        • Denise M. Mordaunt (b. 1955) was born in Durham. She married John Allen in Cleveland in 1976.
          • Jonathon Allen (b. 1979) was born in Hull
          • Samantha Allen (b. 1981) was born in Hull
        • Anthony L. Mordaunt (b. 1960) was born in West Hartlepool. He married Christine Silburn in Sutton, Surrey, in 1987.
        • David C. Mordaunt (b. 1964) was born in Durham
      • Jean Mordaunt (b. 1932) was born in Hartlepool. She married Joseph Brown in Durham in 1955
      • Maureen Mordaunt (b. 1936) was born in Hartlepool. She married James Bone in Durham in 1958
      Again, I am grateful to Grenville Davies, who, in August 2018, kindly sent me a transcript from the funerals announcements of the Northern Daily Mail, West Hartlepool, 4th March, 1964
      Mordaunt on March 4, suddenly, Louis James, in his 73rd year, dearly beloved husband of Catherine Mordaunt, and dear father of Betty, Hudson, Jean, Maureen, father in law of Eric, Joe, Frank and Peggy (a nickname for Margaret). Cortege to leave 1 St Helen's Street, Saturday, 9.45am, for Requiem Mass in St Mary's Church, prior to interment at Hartlepool New Cemetery. friends and neighbours kindly invited. R.i.P.
      This newspaper cutting leaves me with further research. Who was Frank?
    I am very grateful to one of Edward's descendents, Christine Sim, who wrote to me about the 1881 census entry, confirmed other details and forwarded the following article from The Hartlepool Mail printed in the early 1930s. In his early life he took years off his age, in his later years he added a few!
      "Hartlepool's ancient mariner is still hale and hearty. A man who 71 years ago was shipwrecked on a coral island just like any hero out of Ballantyne, has recently celebrated his 99th birthday. He is Edward Eustace Mordaunt of Mary Street and his ambition is to lived to be 105. This skipper who has sailed the seven seas came to reside in Hartlepool 45 years ago after his retirement from the sea and worked in the central Marine Engine Works. He lost his sight seven years ago but enjoys good health. It was at the age of 16 he began his seafaring years and was 30 years old when he became a master mariner. He was mate of the sailing vessel Ivanhoe when it was wrecked on an island in the Pacific and the survivors were castaways rescued just as they were on the point of starvation.
      He has stepped into the fine cities of the world such as New York and Philadelphia. As he is an Irishman from County Wexford he recalls the old songs. He was married in Sunderland 1873 to a wife 15 years his younger. He had three daughters and 2 sons. One son lives in London the other was lost at sea in the Great War. His wife died in 1914 at the age of 60. He is a devout Catholic and receives regular visits from the Canon of St.Marys Church."
    A note on the back of Christine's cut-out says he died in 1933. I was interested to note his description as an Irishman from County Wexford and his knowledge of "the old songs. " His family roots clearly remained strong.
    Neither Christine nor I have yet found any Internet reference to a wreck of the Ivanhoe that matches that in the article.

  • "Unattached" references in the Internet records are:
    • James Mordaunt on 30th June 1890 was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for "obtaining money by false pretences" at the Durham Quarter Sessions
    • Reuben E Marshall, mother's maiden name Mordaunt, born 1917 in Hartlepool

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

I describe as passing through Hampshire at this time Mordaunts whose origins are either London or Devon.

  • Mary Mordaunt (abt 1778 - ?) was born in Lambeth. A widow by the time of the 1841 census she was living with her son, John, listed in Southampton but possibly on the Isle of Wight. She and her family are described in greater detail on the Mordaunts in London page
    • Alfred Mordaunt (abt 1805 - ?) was born in Aldgate. He married Mary (abt 1801 - 1864). He was working as a chemist but I am not clear if, in 1841 they were living in Southampton or the Isle of Wight. By 1851 they were in All Saints, Southampton. For the 1861 census, Alfred was staying with his brother John in London while his wife, Mary, described as the wife of a retired chemist, was lodging with her daughter in Southampton. Alfred is not mentioned after 1861.
      • Mary Ann Mordaunt (1832 - ?)
      • George Frederick Mordaunt (abt 1835 - 1861)
      • William W. Mordaunt (abt 1835 - ?)
    • John Mordaunt (abt 1811 - 1879) was born in Bloomsbury. His wife was named Mary Ann who was from Southampton. In 1841 they seem to have been in Southampton. By the 1851 census they had moved to Reading, Berks, and she was listed as Georgina. In 1861, the family were in London and John was working as a Parliamentary agent.
      • Helen Mary Mordaunt (1839 - 1908).
      • Jessie/Georgina Mordaunt (abt 1841 - ?) was baptised at All Saints, Southampton, on 25th June, 1841

  • Thomas Coale Mordaunt (1803 - 1877) and his wife Agnes (abt 1815 - 1874) are listed in the 1841 census. They reached Hampshire and/or the Isle of Wight via the Channel Islands from Devon and are described in more detail under Devon above.
    • Emma Mordaunt (abt 1833 - 1855) married James Sherlock on 28th September 1849 at St. Mary's, Portsea, Portsmouth.
      • Thomas Sherlock (abt 1850 - ?).
    • John Russell Mordaunt (abt 1835 - 1879).

  • "Unattached" references in the Internet records are:
    • Charles Mordaunt married Elizabeth Dugnell at St. Mary's, Portsea Island on 17th July, 1820. Presumably they were the Charles and Elizabeth who had christened
      • Elizabeth Sarah Mordaunt (b. abt 1821) at St. Mary's, Portsea, on 2nd December 1821
    • Elizabeth Mordaunt married William Lloyd at Holy Trinity, Gosport, on 11th June, 1829
    • Gustave-Louis Mordant (sic) (b. abt. 1809) of Holy Rood, Southampton, married Catherine Smith (b. abt. 1801), eight years his senior, at Holy Rood on 6th June, 1831.
    • Emma Mordaunt (abt. 1813 - 1874), a spinster, died in Morley House, Bournemouth, estate valued at under £20,000. She was wealthy, therefore, but I cannot place her!
    • John Mordaunt married in Portsea Island in 1838
    • Francis (Frank) Joseph Mordaunt (abt. 1849 - ?) married Sarah Ann Tice (abt. 1843 - ?) at St Mary's, Portsea, Hants, on 28th March, 1870. What they were doing in Portsea is anyone's guess; in the 1881 census he was described as born in Redditch, Worcs, and she was from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. By then they had moved their business to St. Pancras, London. At their daughter Elizabeth's baptism, and in the 1881 census, he was described as a green grocer. A widowed Annie Mordaunt (abt. 1849 - ?), born in Bury St. Edmonds, was listed in the 1891 census, working as some sort of maid, classed as a visitor, to the Metropole Hotel, Brighton. Then in the 1901 census there is a Annie Mordaunt, born in Bury St. Edmonds, working as the housekeeper to a very substantial house, Nostel Priory, in Huntwick with Foulby all the way up in Yorkshire. In the 1911 census, as Sara Annie, she was housekeeper at Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster.
      • Emma Mordaunt (abt. 1879 - ?) A Supposition by me. An Emma Mordaunt, 12 years-old, born in Islington, appears in the 1891 census, the niece of unmarried Emma Tice, the keeper of a rather smart lodging house in Arlington Street, just off Piccadilly. They were still together in the 1901 census, (as Emmie), now in Portnall Road, Paddington, still a sizeable house, looking at Google Streetview. 22 years old, she was working as a "showroom assistant."
      • Elizabeth Mary Mordaunt (1880 - 1881), whose birth was registered in the Westminster district in the last quarter of 1880. She was baptised at Christchurch, St. Pancras, on 4th April 1881. She died shortly after, her death registered in the St. Pancras district.
    • Herbert Mordaunt (abt. 1849 - ?), born in Hampshire, appeared in the 1881 census boarding in Marylebone, London, and working as a clerk.
    • Charles Mordaunt (abt. 1856 - ?), described as a grocer's assistant born in Birmingham, was serving time in Portsea Prison at the 1881 census. He had been sentenced to 5 years penal servitude at the Gloucester Quarter Sessions on 6th January 1880 for "Larceny after a previous conviction." Perhaps he was a career criminal; in 1888 a Charles Mordaunt, still in Hampshire and using an alias William Macdonald, was sentenced at Winchester Quarter Sessions on 2nd July for "Larceny two convictions before convicted of felony" to, surprisingly, only three months on each. Perhaps this was before computerised records!!!!
    • George Mordant (sic), born in Ireland, appeared in the 1881 census working as a commercial traveller in flour, living in Aldershot with his Liverpool-born wife, Mary Ann (abt 1847 - ?). They were still in Aldershot at the 1891 census although they had moved house. They had moved house again by the 1901 census. By the 1911 census, Mary Ann was a widow, living at the same adddress, described as a "letter of apartments" at home with her eldest daughter, Edith.
      • Edith Mordant (abt. 1872- ?) had been born in Liverpool, according to the 1881 census and in Wallington, Surrey, according to the later censuses. She was a very long way from home at the 1891 census, one of many young ladies living and working in a draper's store in Folkestone, Kent. At the 1901 census she was back living at home, working in a Ladies' oufitters. In the 1911 census she was living with her then widowed mother and working as a librarian, although I cannot read where.
      • Florence Mordant (abt. 1873- ?) had been born in Liverpool, according to the 1881 census and in Wallington, Surrey, according to the later censuses. She was not at home at the 1901 census.
      • Alice Mordant (abt. 1876- ?) had been born in Normandy, a little outside Aldershot, in Surrey. She was not at home at the 1901 census.
      • William Mordant (abt. 1880- ?) had been born in Aldershot. In the 1901 census he was living at home working as a clerk and traveller for a coal merchant. He married Edith in about 1906 and they were living in Aldershot in the 1911 census when, following his father, he was working as a commercial traveller for a flour miller. They had two boarders in their house.
    • James Mordaunt (abt. 1862 - ?), born in Ireland was a private soldier in a barracks in Farnborough in the 1881 census.


    In this era, 1841 -1901, the story of the Lincolnshire Mordaunts begins in Liverpool. In the 1840s, Patrick Mordaunt (abt 1814 - ?), a widower and his young son Gerald (see the Lancashire Mordaunt page) moved from Dublin to Liverpool. Patrick remarried and had a son, born in the West Derby district, to whom he gave the unlikely name of Elijah (1852 - 1938). Elijah's mother died shortly afterwards. Patrick married again and, leaving Gerald behind in Liverpool, disappears from the records, probably returning to Ireland with his third wife and new son.
    Elijah eventually joined the Navy. He appears in the marriage list, marrying Elizabeth "Betsey" Hammond (1859 - 1946), born in Dover, in the Naval port town of Medway in 1876. He appears as a stoker on HMS Defence in the 1881 census. Betsie's family must have had something to do with Grimsby and Lincolnshire because, while Elijah was still in the navy, the birth of their first son was recorded in Caistor. Shortly after he must have left the Navy and the family moved to Ireland where, going by the birth places of the next few children, they led a fairly itinerent life. But, around the turn of the century they moved finally to Grimsby where their eldest son married in 1901 and the family were finally caught by the census takers in the 1911 census.
    • Elijah Mordaunt married Elizabeth "Betsey" (1859 - 1946)
      • Joseph Robert Elijah Mordaunt (abt 1881 - 1943) was born in Caister, Lincolnshire. is described in the 1911 census as a cashier, living at 203, Roberts Street, Grimsby. The 1911 census records he was born in Grimsby but this must be suspect; Ireland is far more likely. This would also explain how he is missing from so many English official records until the family arrived in Grimsby. He married Jane Williams (1878 - 1977) in Grimsby in 1901 and they had children
        • Joseph Samuel Elijah Mordaunt (1902 - ?). He married Caroline C. Nicholson in Liverpool in 1928
          • Kenneth Mordaunt (b. 1929) was born in Liverpool. His marriage to Catherine Banks is not to be found on the transcript but the births of his children are listed
            • Elaine Caroline Mordaunt (b. 1953) was born in Liverpool.
            • Georgina Mordaunt (b. 1957) was born in Liverpool. She married Anthony J. Paine in Southport in 1975
              • Jennifer Sarah Paine (b. 1976) was born in Southport
              • Richard Anthony Mordaunt Paine (b. 1978) was born in Southport.
              • Rebecca Louise Mordaunt Paine (b. 1981) was born in the Sefton North district
          • Donald K. Mordaunt (b. 1931) was born in Liverpool. He married Margaret Hampton in Liverpool in 1956
            • Alan Mordaunt (b. 1956) was born in Liverpool. He married OsborneJill in 1985 in the Sefton South district
              • Louise Mordaunt (b. 1992)
            • Brian Mordaunt (b. 1964) was born in Liverpool. He married Catherine Cronin in Knowsley in 1990.
              • Michael Mordaunt (b. 1990) was born in Liverpool
              • Sally Mordaunt (b. 1992) was born in Liverpool
              • Rachel Mordaunt (b. 1996) was born in Liverpool
          • Joseph Robert Mordaunt (b. 1936) was born in Liverpool. He married Dorothy A. Morrow in Liverpool in 1958. Having wondered where the family disappeared to, I am grateful to Joseph and Dorothy's son Michael for contacting me and explaining that they emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in 1971. Their further details can be found on the Mordaunts in Australia and New Zealand page
            • Michael J. Mordaunt (b. 1959) was born in Liverpool
            • Mark R. Mordaunt (b. 1961) was born in Liverpool. He returned to the UK to marry Alison Reid in Nottingham in 1994 and they both went back to Australia
            • Kimberley Mordaunt (b. 1962) was born in Liverpool
            • Anthony T. Mordaunt (b. 1964) was born in Liverpool
          • Doris Mordaunt (b. 1944) was born in Prescot. She married Francis Wood in Liverpool in 1964
        • Edna Grace Mordaunt (1903 - ?). She married Ernest Sellars in Grimsby in 1929
          • John E. Sellars (b. 1936) was born in Grimsby
          • Herbert M. Sellars (b. 1931) was born in Grimsby
        • Leonard Mordaunt (1906 - ?). He married Elizabeth Jordan in Liverpool in 1929
          • Leonard P. Mordaunt (b. 1930) was born in Liverpool. He married Patricia Butler, the 1954 Miss Great Britain winner but they divorced ten years after.
            • Charles C. Mordaunt (b. 1960) was born in Liverpool. He married Karen Wilson, (b. 1960)
              • Katherine Mordaunt (b. 1995) I am grateful to Katherine, who made contact and told me of her father, mother and grandmother
          • Colin W. Mordaunt (b. 1930) was born in Liverpool. He married Jean M. McLaren in Birkenhead in 1978. A family tree prepared by a relative shows they had two sons, unnmamed, but the birth of any children are not listed in the Birth Index for England and Wales transcript on
        • Doris Mordaunt (1908 - ?). She married Rowland Parsons in Grimsby in 1929. There were a lot of family weddings in 1929!
          • Doreen Parsons (b. 1932) was born in Grimsby
          • Sheila Parsons (b. 1935) was born in Grimsby
          • Janet Parsons (b. 1938) was born in Cleethorpes
        • George Edward Mordaunt (1912 - 2001). He married Muriel Smith in Grimsby in 1936
          • George Robert Mordaunt (b. 1943) was born in Liverpool. He married Josephine M. E. (Elaine?) Dixon in Abingdon, Berkshire in 1967
            • Julia Elaine Mordaunt (b. 1969) was born in Windsor
            • Sarah Christine Mordaunt (b. 1971) was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire
            • Patricia Jane Mordaunt (b. 1976) was born in Windsor
          • Susan M. Mordaunt (b. 1945) was born in Liverpool. She married Gordon W. Morrey in Widnes, Lancashire, in 1969
            • Pauline Sandra Morrey (b. 1972) was born in Liverpool
            • Brian William G. Morrey (b. 1974) was born in Liverpool
        According to family records, he married 2. Frances Rehill (1905 - ?), although any marriage and subsequent birth of a son are not in the Marriage and Birth Indices as transcribed by
        • Eugene (Gene) David Mordaunt (1929 - 2005). He married Doris Williams in Liverpool in 1950. In 1951 they emigrated to Australia from Glasgow but moved on to Toronto, Canada, where his children and grandchildren still live.
          • Gene Mordaunt (b. 1950) was born in Liverpool
          • Michelle Mordaunt (b. 1962)
        Again, according to family records he married 3. Bertha Elizabeth Rehill (1902 - 1994). This too is not recorded in the transcription of the Marriage Index but, on this occasion, the births of two children are recorded
        • Paul Mordaunt (b. 1940)
        • Maria Mordaunt (b. 1940)
      • George Edward Mordaunt (12th December 1882 - 1973) was born in County Kerry, Ireland. He married Jessie Robinson in Grimsby in 1907 and in the 1911 census they were living with her sister and brother-in-law in Cleethorpes where he worked as a labourer in a gas works. His death was registered in Grimsby.
        • Jessie May Mordaunt (b. 1911)
      • Sarah Caroline (Carrie) Mordaunt (1884 - 1978). She married Herbert Sellars in Grimsby in 1907.
      • William Mordaunt (1887 - 1918). He did not marry
      • Charles Hammond Mordaunt (1887 - 23rd September 1968) was born in Lackeen Place, Co. Kerry, Ireland. He was recorded in the 1901 census as a 14 year-old assistant dairyman in Cleethorpes. In the 1911 census he was a trawler fisherman. He married Evangeline Haldane (? - 5th December 1974) in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, on 21st November 1922.
      • Elizabeth (Dolly) Pearl Mordaunt (1st January 1889 - 1992). In the 1911 census, under the name Dora Pearl Mordant (sic), place of birth given as Teelin Head, Donegal (that is an isolated spot!), she was a live-in servant to the Parker family in Queen's Parade, Grimsby. She married William Stephenson in Grimsby in 1915. Her death was registered in Grimsby. She lived to be 103 years old.
        • Arthur Stephenson
        • Lily Stevenson
      • Rose Clara Mordaunt (6th April 1891 - 1978) was born in Mulbury, Donegal, in Ireland. She married Arthur Lord in Grimsby in 1915. Her death was registered in Scunthorpe, Humberside
        • Kenneth Lord (1915 - ?)
        • Nora Lord who married a Ben Erhenfried
      • Daisy Emma Mordaunt (1893 - 1962) was born in Cleethorpes. In the 1911 census she was an apprentice dressmaker. She married Ernest Peterson in Grimsby in 1920. Her death was registered in North Kesteven, Lincs.
      • Lily Ellen Mordaunt (16tht December 1894 - 1991) was born in Tetney Lock, Lincs. She married Edward Newby in Grimsby in 1917. She lived to nearly 100 years and her death was registered in Grimsby
      • Ernest Clemence Mordaunt (1898 - 1952) was born in Grimsby. He is included on a list of absent voters in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, 1919, described as 352271 Private Mordaunt , 477 Agricultural Company, normally resident at 212 Durban Road. He married Grace G. (for Gertrude?) Rowe in 1936. His death was registered in Cleethorpes.
      • Edna May Mordaunt (1899 - 1899)


    • Thomas Mordant (sic) of Crick, married Mary Faulkner of Naseby, by licence on 10th November 1748 in Cold Ashby.
      • Elizabeth Mordant (b. 1849) was baptised in Crick on 12th March, 1749, curiously, at home.
      • Mary Mordant (b. 1851) was baptised in Crick on 16th June, 1751. She presumably died in her first year.
      • Mary Mordant (b. 1852) was baptised in Crick on 16th October, 1752
        At the moment of making this entry (July 2020) I have no other information about this family. I hope something turns up.


    Sir Charles Mordaunt, the 6th Baronet of Walton Hall, Warwickshire, had two sons, John Mordaunt, who became the 7th Baronet, and Charles Mordaunt (26th February 1736 - January 1820) who, in the tradition of younger sons of those times, took Holy Orders livings in the gift of his father, that of both St Andrew's, Ryburgh Magna, and All Saints, Ryburgh Parva, in 1760 and then of Massingham Parva in Norfolk. In 1774 he married Charlotte Musgrave (abt. 1752 - 1810), daughter of Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart., and they had a son, Charles, who also took Holy Orders and moved a long way from home, across the country, to become Rector of Badgworth, in Somerset, now part of Bristol, another living in the gift of the baronet his uncle.
    • Revd. Charles Mordaunt (? - ?) had married a local girl, Frances Harriet (abt. 1786 - 1866), youngest daughter of James Sparrow of Flax Bourton, Somerset. Already a widow when she was listed in the 1851 census, in the 1861 census, aged 75, she was lodging in Clifton, Bristol, with Laetitia Sparrow, aged 65. Both are described as "Landowners." At her death her estate was valued at under £18,000.
      • Charles Mordaunt (abt 1814 - 11th October 1861), born in Blackwell, Somerset. He was listed in the 1841 census, ages rounded to 25 years, unmarried and a remarkably young rector in Badgworth. What you could do with the right family connections. He was presumably the Charles Mordaunt whose marriage to Ann Lott was recorded in Bristol on 20th December 1851. Somehow absent from the 1851 census, at the 1861 census he was already a widower. He died without children; his brother John and sister Charlotte Laetitia sharing administration of his estate of near £12,000.
      • John Mordaunt (abt 1815 - 15th November 1881 ), born in Blackwell, Somerset, was caught for the 1851 census. He was described as was a widower, a "Fundholder," living in Long Ashton, Somerset, with his children and a household of 6 servants. He had served in the 17th Lancers and married firstly 1. Harriet Maria Cumberlege (? - 1849).
        • James Sparrow Mordaunt (1843 - 1927) born in Long Ashton. He skips the 1861 census but by the 1871 census was a Lieutenant stationed at Fulwood Barracks, Preston in Lancashire, but he eventually rose to Lt Colonel of the Leinster regiment. He married Harriet Theresa Gibbs (abt. 1844 - 21st July 1925) in 1872. In the 1881 census, a captain in the 109th Foot, they were living in Stoke, Guildford. By the 1891 census he had retired from the army and they had returned to his native Somerset, living in Weston-super-Mare. they were still there at the 1901 census but by the 1911 census they had moved across country to Goddards Green, Cranbrook, Kent. They were all still there, including all five shildren, at the 1911 census
          • John Francis Cumberlege Mordaunt (15th February 1881 - 27th May 1936). He was born in Guildford, Surrey, and, according to the transcript on, was christened on 17th March, 1881. Was he the Jack Mordaunt listed listed in the 1881 census staying with his Cautley grandparents and then listed at a prep. school in Weston-super-Mare in the 1891 census? He was described in the 1911 census as a captain in the Army special reserve. He was living in Kensington when he died. Probate was granted to his brother, Charles Stanley.
          • Charles Stanley Mordaunt (1886 - 1946). In the 1901 census he was listed as a 14 year-old pupil at the United Services College, Westward Ho. He was described as an architect in the 1911 census. He joined the Legion of Frontiersmen and, in September 1914, enlisted in the Royal Artillery T.A. He married Edith Violet Wood in 1915. They had no children.
          • Harriet Emily Mordaunt (22nd April 1874 - 1956) was born in Darjiling, India and was baptised 25th May 1874. She did not marry.
          • Mildred Dorothea Mordaunt (16th March 1875 - 1949) was born in Dinapore, West Bengal, and baptised on 1st April 1875. She married Lt. Robert Wyndham Humphrey Marciel Bland (1872 - 1942) of the 18th Royal Irish Rifles at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square on 9th June, 1915. They had no children.
          • Helen Mary Mordaunt (abt 1879 - 1958) died unmarried
        • Francis Lionel Mordaunt (abt 1845 - ), born in Long Ashton. In the 1861 census, with his brother, John, he was living with his aunt, his mother's sister, and her husband, the Rev. Joshua Cautley, incumbent of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, and her own three daughters. He joined the Army, 23rd Regiment, Royal Welch Fusiliers. He went to the US on 14 March 1876 on the SS Denmark. He met and married Sara Elliott Marshall (abt. 1867 - ?), of Natchez, Mississippi in Pelham, New York on December 11, 1891. They evaded the 1900 census but were found in the 1910 US census in Ontario, Wayne, NY where he was a manager with a ?? mine. He died May 10, 1918 and his wife, Sarah, too, disappears from the census lists.
          • Elizabeth Morris Mordaunt (1891 - ?) married D Drayton Burrill in 1918. They had two children neither of whom had further children.
          • Mildred Cumberlege Mordaunt (1893 - ?) married David Ogden Rogers of Hyde Park, NY in 1916. He died of malaria contracted from service in Cuba under Theo. Roosevelt in 1916. They had two children, Francis Lional Mordaunt Rogers and Nathalie Penddleton Rogers, who married Joseph James Spurr III.
            I am grateful to Mildred's grandson, Jay (Joseph James) Spurr IV, of Alexandria, VA. for contacting me about his family. More details of his family can seen in my Guest Book, 2010-06-03.
            Mildred later married Arthur Spencer Kittle, a stock broker from New York.
        • Mildred Mordaunt (1846 - - ), born in Long Ashton. She married in 1868 the Revd. George Henry Gibbs, rector of Hutton, Somerset. They had eight childen, including
          • Joseph Gibbs whose granddaughter, Alexandra Gibbs, kindly provided me with details of Mildred's husband and corrected some earlier errors concerning Mildred's brothers and sisters.
        • John Mordaunt (abt 1848 - ), born in Long Ashton. In the 1861 census, with his brother, Francis, he was living with his aunt, his mother's sister, and her husband, the Rev. Joshua Cautley, incumbent of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, and her own three daughters.
        In 1852, in Woburn, Bedfordshire, John senior married 2. Isabel/Isabella Balmain (abt 1819 - ), born in India. They were listed in the 1861 census. I have not found them in the 1871 census but they reappeared in the 1881 census. He died shortly after, probate granted to his widow, Isabella, who was recorded again in the 1891 census. They had children
        • Harry Mordaunt (abt 1854 - ), born in Long Ashton. On 28th August 1875 he married his much older cousin, Annie Cautley (abt. 1848 - ?), in Thorney, Cambridge. He did not appear in any early census and I speculate he joined the army and that he was serving abroad. They did appear in the 1891 census with their family in Apsley Guise in Bedfordshire "living on own means." They were still there for the 1901 census and the 1911 census.
          • Osbert Cautley Mordaunt (1876 - 1949). He was listed in the 1881 census staying with his Cautley grandparents. He joined the Somerset Light Infantry and was a captain on the staff of the Royal Military College (as it was then), Sandhurst, 1911 - probably 1914, when he joined his regiment in France. At the 1911 census, he had been married for five years to Constance Katherine and had a son. They were all living in Dorchester. He rose at least to the rank of Colonel and was awarded the DSO as well as being mentioned in despatches. He was living at Buxted, near Uckfield, Sussex, when he died.
            • Anthony Osbert Mordaunt (b. 1907) born in Ash, Surrey. An Anthony Mordaunt, born 21st February, 1907, died in Hastings in 1980. I have found no record of a marriage.
          • Penelope Mordaunt (abt. 1878 - ?). She was listed in the 1881 census staying with her Cautley grandparents. She was at home with her parents at the 1901 census. She married Charles Pell Hall in Ampthill, Beds., in 1903.
          • Guy Mordaunt (abt. 1879 - ?). He was listed in the 1881 census staying with his Cautley grandparents. I have not found any later reference.
          • Christopher John Mordaunt (1880 - ?). In the 1911 census he was described as being in the merchant marine. On 24th October, 1907, in Nottingham, he became the second husband of Helena Charlotte Young (1879 - 1956), born in Hendon, Middx.
            I am very grateful to Nicholas Collins, her great grandson from a later marriage, for contacting me with additional information. National Archives Divorce Court File J77/892 names Christopher John as correspondent in the divorce petition raised by her first husband. A newspaper report 'Flirtation at Sea' tells that they met on a P and O steamer sailing to India where the correspondent was a junior officer, that they met on several later occasions and that 'since the service of the citation the co-respondent had gone to the China station.' Perhaps his long absences at sea provided her with too much temptation because, in 1910, he too sued for divorce on grounds of her adultery (National Archives Divorce Court File 975). In the the 1911 census he was with his son at his parent's house in Taunton while Helena was with a Palmer family in Camberley, Surrey.
            • Richard John Mordaunt (1908 - 1998) was born in East Preston, Sussex. In 1930 he married Gertrude A. K. Toler in Congleton, Cheshire
              • Thomas C. J. Mordaunt (b. 1934) was born in Congleton, Cheshire.
            Christopher married again in 1916 in London, to Mary Patricia Cautley. It seems reasonable to guess she was a cousin.
            • Guy Michael Mordaunt (1917 - 1945) was born in St. Alban's, Herts. He died in WWII, a sergeant of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve on 23rd January 1945, and is buried in North Lopham Cemetery
            • Katherine Patricia Mordaunt (b. 1917) was born in Eastry. She married David Isard in Chelsea in 1950.
              • John Isard. He married Linda.
            • Barry Stephen C. Mordaunt (b. 1925) was born in Thetford, Norfolk. He married Joan Poppleton (1925 - 2009) in Bathavon, Somerset, in 1950
              • Guy R. Mordaunt (b. 1952) was born in Bath. He married Deborah A. Norton in Bath in 1980.
                • Sally Jane Mordaunt (b. 1986) was born in Bath.
                • Simon Richard S. Mordaunt (b. 1988) was born in Bath.
                • Elizabeth Muriel Mordaunt (b. 1990) was born in Bath.
              • Ann/Annie P. Mordaunt (b. 1956) was born in Bath. She marrried John Quartly in 1978. They were divorced in 1999/2000. I am very grateful to Annie for writing to me with information about her family.
                • Amy Quartly (b. November 1979). Her birth was registered in Swindon.
                • Ruth Quartly (b. April 1981). Her birth was registered in Swindon.
                • Emma Quartly (b. December 1982). Her birth was registered in Swindon.
          • Harry Cumberlege Mordaunt (1881 - ?) was born in Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, according to the 1891 census, perhaps that was his mother's parents home? In the 1901 census he was doing mechanical engineering, boarding in Handsworth, Staffs. In the 1911 census, still a mechanical engineer, he was staying at the Imperial Hotel, Birmingham. He married Ruth Thompson in Birmingham in 1914
          • Julian Musgrave Mordaunt (1887 - 1949) was born in Aspley Guise. Described as a gentleman in the 1911 census (which I take to mean he did not have a job), he had married Zoë (Emily Dora Zoë Hammond in full) Barrow (abt. 1876 - 1951) from Staveley, Derbyshire, in 1910. In the 1911 census they were living in Aspley Guise, he was described as a "gentleman". They later lived at Ashton Keynes, Swindon. His death was registered in Cirencester, Gloucs.; hers was registered in Swindon.
        • Charles Mordaunt (abt 1855 - ?), born in Long Ashton. At the 1871 census he was at a boarding school in Clifton, Bristol. He married a widow,Mary Ann Sutton (born 1851 according to the 1901 census and about 1846 according to the 1911 census), on 9th November 1892. In the 1901 census they were living in Somerton with a daughter of his wife from her first marriage. He was then described as living on his own means but in the 1911 census he was described as a former estate agent and they were living in Wotton-under-Edge, now in South Gloucestershire.
        • Philip Mordaunt (abt 1858 - 21st October 1935?), born in Long Ashton. In the 1881 census he was lodging in Barnstable, working as a bank cashier, and in the 1891 census he was unemployed in Weston-super-Mare and in 1901 was with a cousin in Preston, Brighton. He was cited as co-respondent in the divorce of Margaret Alice Glover (abt. 1857 - 1931) in 1897 (National Archives Divorce Court File 18462) and was with her in Brighton in the 1901 census, described as her cousin. They married in Steyning, Sussex, in 1902. In the 1911 census he was living as one of five(!) secretaries to Frederick Kerchival Hole at 14 Newbold Terrace, Leamington. His wife does not appear to be listed in the 1911 census. He was, presumably, the Philip Mordaunt who died in 1935 in Wellington, Shropshire, probate being granted to Philip Lyle of Tate and Lyle sugar refiners.
        • Harriet Isabel Mordaunt (1860 - before 1901). She married William Foord-Kelcey, an instructor at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. They appeared in the 1891 census living in Plumstead. By the 1901 census, her husband was a widower.
          • Katherine Foord-Kelcey (1890 - ?)
          • John Foord-Kelcey (abt. 1893 - ?)
        • Katherine Mordaunt (abt 1863 - 1953), born in Long Ashton. She was visiting her sister Harriet at the 1891 census. She married Albert Edward Masters. She died at St. Joseph's Nursing Home, Lower Edmonton, north London. Her newspaper obituary names one daughter
          • Elsie Masters
      • James Mordaunt (? - ?) died unmarried
      • Henry Mordaunt (? - 9th March 1842), a Lt in 46th Foot, died unmarried on duty in Barbados. If the date is correct it seems to have taken 25 years for letters of administration for his meagre estate to be granted to John, his elder brother and to Charlotte Laetitia, his younger sister, according to the National Probate Calendar.
      • Charlotte Laetitia Mordaunt (? - ?) married Revd. John Matthew, Rector of Chelvey, in 1839. She was with her mother in the 1851 census.

      Most likely of no connection with this family,

    • Mary Mordaunt (1778 - ?) appears in the 1841 census, aged 63 years, in Compton Martin.

      Out of nowhere, with as yet no clue I have found as to who was the father, but whose mother's maiden name was Dignam, arrives

          • Edward James Mordaunt (b. 1872) was born in Taunton, Somerset

      Also unexplained so far by me is the appearance of

    • Charles Mordaunt (abt. 1869 - ?), an gentleman of private means, born in Clifton, Somerset, who, at the 1911 census was a boarder with his wife Margaret (abt. 1866 - ?) at an unnamed hotel at 1, Eastern Terrace, Marine Parade, Brighton.


    • Elizabeth Lucy Mordaunt married Wilfred Lawson in Burton on Trent in February 1724

      Some of the records St Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton, have been transribed on to the Internet by P. Galloway. They appear to show that around 1774 a

    • John Mordaunt was living in the area, written as Mordrunt but I am assuming that is a transcription error. His wife was Martha
      • Martha Mordaunt (abt 1774 - 1777), daughter of John and Martha Mordaunt was baptised at St. Peter's Church, Wolverhampton, on 2nd May, 1774. She was buried in St. Peter's Church on 20th December 1777
      A number of other names appear in the St Peter's records which appear to be the same generation as Martha and who could possibly be her brothers and sisters:-
      • Charlotte Mordaunt, who married William Spencer in St. Peter's on 18th May 1785
      • Hiram Mordaunt (whoever invented the name Hiram?)(? - 1800) apparently married Elizabeth Cullwick on 28th May 1792 and then Mary Harrison on 1st September 1793. Hiram's burial is recorded in St. Peter's on 6th April 1800, only 4 weeks after the christening of his daughter Mary Ann. His widow, Mary, remarried in the church on 7th March 1802, to a bachelor, William Moseley.
        • Martha Ann Mordaunt (abt. 1794 - 1807), identified as the daughter of Aaron (which I assume is another transcription error) and Mary, was baptised in St. Peter's on 25th January 1795. The burial of a Martha Ann Mordaunt was recorded on 3rd November 1807.
        • John Mordaunt (abt. 1796 - 1839), identified as the son on Hiram and Mary, was baptised in St. Peter's on 15 May 1796. Presumably it is his marriage that is recorded at the church on 1st October 1827 to Ann Jones. John's death was registered in 1839. The 1841 census lists his widow Ann still in Wolverhampton with three surviving children. Shortly after the census return in 1841, Ann is listed is the marriage record as remarrying.
          • Hannah Mordaunt (abt. 1831 - ?) was baptised on 28th June 1830 in St. Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton. A Hannah Mordaunt married in Aston, Warwickshire in 1854
          • Mary Mordaunt (abt. 1833 - ?) was also recorded as born in Wolverhampton. A Mary Ann Mordaunt died in Wolverhampton in 1844.
          • Sarah Mordaunt (abt. 1835- ?) was also recorded as born in Wolverhampton. She married Thomas Mason at Collgate (Collegiate?) Church, in Wolverhampton in 1855.
            • Emily Jane Mason (b. abt. 1857)
            • Thomas E. Mason (b. June 1859)
            • Mary Ann Eleanor Mason (1st April 1861 - ?), who went to Australia and married John Frame McDougall. She was the 2 x great grandmother of Tony Gall, who I was able to contact after her appeal for information on the website message board. What took a young woman to Australia on her own in the 1880s/1890s? I should be interested to learn.
          • Paul Mordaunt (1837 - 1838) is listed in the birth and death registers.
        • Charlotte Mordaunt (abt. 1798 - ?), identified as the son on Hiram and Mary, was baptised in St. Peter's on 4th March 1798. A Charlotte Mordaunt married John Orme in St. Peter's Church on 1st August 1825.
        • Mary Ann Mordaunt (abt 1800 - 1844?) was baptised in St. Peter's Church on 10 March 1800. A Mary Ann died in Wolverhampton in 1844.
      • William Mordaunt and his wife Rebecca are shown in the St. Peter's record as the parents of
        • Sarah Mordaunt who was baptised on 14th October 1804.
      • Mary Mordaunt, who married Thomas Mosely 7th March 1802 at St. Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton.

      No male Mordaunt seems to have survived in Wolverhampton beyond the 1840s and surviving females married so it is perhaps unsurprising that there is a hiatus but then, apparently from nowhere:

    • Charles Mordaunt (abt. 1840 - 27th November 1896), born in Wednesbury, appears in the 1871 census in Worcester, working as a cloth cap manufacturer married to Mary Annie. A. (abt. 1844 - ?), also from Wednesbury. By the 1881 census they had moved to Market Street. Kingswinford, Staffs. He was described as a draper and hatter, she as a milliner. They were still there in the 1891 census. His death in Market Street, Kingswinford was recorded in 1896; he was described as a draper.
    • Alice Mordant (sic) (abt. 1854 - ?), born in Staffordshire, appeared boarding in Westminster working in the "professional theatre" in the 1881 census. Use of the stage name Mordaunt/Mordant seemed popular in the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic; the possibility arises that this might have also been a stage name.
      Then, in the death register,
    • an Ellen Mordant (sic) was born and died in Wolverhampton in 1872.


    • John Mordaunt married Mary Chatfield in Steyning, Sussex, on 15th December 1685 according to the parish records
      • John Mordaunt was christened in Steyning on 23rd May 1687 according to an entry by an LDS Church member.
      • Elizabeth Mordaunt was christened in Steyning on 17th March 1689 according to the parish records
      • Mary Mordaunt was christened in Steyning on 19th January 1692 according to the records

    • John Mordaunt and his wife Elizabeth were the parents of
      • Elizabeth Mordaunt who was christened in Thakeham, on 10th May 1732 according to the parish records
      An Elizabeth Mordaunt married Joseph Standen in Itchingfield, near Horsham, on 24th July 1739. Perhaps she was John's widow.

    • William Mordaunt (abt. 1833 - ?) was an 18 year-old labourer at the station, boarding in Brighton at the 1851 census. He had been born in Sussex, at Lindfield? I can't quite read it.

    • Emma Mordaunt (abt. 1869 - ?), described as born in Hastings, was a lone 12 year-old servant girl to the Simmonds family (Frank Simmonds was described as an outfitter) in Tonbridge, Kent, in the 1881 census.

    • Alford Mordaunt (is that meant to be Alfred?) (abt. 1877 - ?) was, according to the 1901 census, born in Brighton. He was working as a barman (? - it is slightly obliterated) in Plumstead, Kent, married to Elizabeth (abt 1878 - ?) from Godalming.

    • Algernon Mordaunt (abt. 1886 - ?) was, according to the 1901 census, born in Brighton. He was 15 years old and working as a pageboy in a nursing home in St. Marylebone, London.

      Out of Internet nowhere comes:

    • Edward J. Mordaunt , who married Gladys M. Boxall in East Preston, Sussex in 1917. There is no suitable Edward Mordaunt in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. There is a possible candidate in the Irish 1911 census "Edward Mordaunt, aged 15, born in Dublin, a street trader, boarding at a "Catholic boys home" at 72 Abbey Street, Middle North City, Dublin." Maybe, one day, a member of his family will read this and write to confirm or refute this.
      • William G. Mordaunt (1919 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex. He married Doris Barnard in Horsham in 1952.
        • Julie Mordaunt (b. 1954) was born Horsham.
        • Colin J. Mordaunt (b. 1956) was born Horsham. He married 1. Tracy D. Knight in Horsham in 1984 and 2. Sandra A. Parker in Horsham in 1988
          • Carlette Marie Mordaunt (b. May 1991) was born in Crawley.
          • Sandieann Dorothy Mordaunt (b. May 1991) was born in Crawley.
        • Linda R. Mordaunt (b. 1958) was born Horsham. She married Kevin R. Butler in Horsham in 1977.
          • Darrren Glen Butler (b. 1980) was born in Crawley.
          • Kyleigh Lanette Butler (b. 1982) was born in Crawley.
        • Joan E. Mordaunt (b. 1960) was born in Horsham.
        • Elaine J. Mordaunt (b. 1967) was born in Winchester. She married Dave P. Miles in Horsham in 1977.
      • Joan M. Mordaunt (1921 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex. She married Frederick C. Haffenden in Horsham in 1941.
        • Maureen Haffenden (b. 1956) was born Surrey.
        • Sheila Haffenden (b. 1948) was born Worthing
      • Mary Mordaunt (1923 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex.
      • Edward G. Mordaunt (1925 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex. He married Ivy L. Greenslade in Horsham on 1949 and had children
        • Edward J. Mordaunt (b. 1950) was born in Westminster. He married Carol Swanwick in Horsham, Sussex, in 1973
          • Marie Vanessa Mordaunt (b. 1976) was born in Crawley.
          • Sharon Patricia Mordaunt (b. 1978) was born in Crawley.
        • Anthony P. Mordaunt (b. 1951) was born in Westminster. He married 1. Gwendoline M. Rees in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, in 1971,
          • Simon Anthony Mordaunt (b. 1972) was born in Haverfordwest.
          • Anne Louise Mordaunt (b. 1972) was born in Haverfordwest.
          He married 2. Angela Dent in Crawley, Sussex, in 1980
          • Hannah Mordaunt (b. 1985) was born in Plymouth.
        • Stephen P. Mordaunt (b. 1956) was born in Surrey. He married Carolyne M. Jewell in Crawley in 1977
          • James Sareth Mordaunt (b. 1979) was born in Crawley
          • Adam Mark Mordaunt (b. 1982) was born in Crawley.
        • Diana M. Mordaunt (b. 1962) was born in Horsam, Sussex. She married Keith Gosnell in October 1986 in Crawley
          • Lance Edward Gosnell (b. 1987) was born in Crawley.
        • Timothy Paul Mordaunt (b. 1968) was born in Horsam, Sussex. He married Nicola A. Youell in Crawley in September 2000
          • Jordan James Mordaunt (b. 2002) was born in the East Surrey district.
      • Peter M . Mordaunt (1927 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex. He married Beryl D. Cosens in Horsham in 1948
      • Anthony Mordaunt (1928 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex.
      • Marie Mordaunt (1923 - ?) was born in Horsham, Sussex. She married John C. Watkins in Horsham in 1955
        • Theresa D. Watkins (b. 1956) was born Horsham.
        • Carole J. Watkins (b. 1958) was born in Horsham.
        • Robert John Watkins (b. 1967) was born in Winchester.



    • Henrietta Mordaunt (1681/2 - 1760), daughter of Charles Mordaunt, 3rd Earl of Peterborough, married in February 1707 Alexander Gordon, later Duke of Gordon. She was active in Scottish affairs and an account of her life is given in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

    • Charles Mordaunt, a wigmaker, is recorded in the Midlothian: Edinburgh Register of Marriages as marrying Ann, daughter to Alexander Borthwick, carter, both in Tron, 22nd February 1761.
      • Elizabeth Mordaunt was baptised in St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, on 9th April 1767. Her mother's name was transcribed as Agnes Borthwick
      He seems to be the right generation to qualify as a possible father for a
    • Charles Henry Mordaunt who, with Mary Brebner, had baby Rosana Mordaunt baptised on 20th July 1790 in St Nicholas Church in Aberdeen. However, there is no evidence supporting this and another "suspect" of mine is the 5th Earl of Peterborough, whose sister Harriet had married into the Bisset family of Lessendrum in Aberdeenshire, although that was 40 miles odd away.

    • Ann Mordaunt (1761(?) - ?), daughter of James Mordaunt, was baptised in Dumfries on 10th January 1762 according to local records copied for the LDS IGI list.

    • Elizabeth Mordaunt (? - ?), daughter of George Mordaunt, married David Stiven at St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, on 19th October 1769.

    • Susannah Mordaunt (? - ?) is recorded in the Midlothian: Edinburgh Register of Marriages as marrying James Gray on 21st March 1830
    • Caroline Mordaunt (abt 1798 - 1831) must be somehow connected. "The affectionate and beloved wife of John Gray, projector of the North British Advertiser," died on Sunday, 30th January 1831 aged 33 years according to a monumental inscription in St Cuthbert's chuchyard, Edinburgh.
    • Dorothy Mordaunt (abt 1786 -?) is listed in the 1841 census in a large household of Grays, including a 7 year-old Mordaunt Gray. It is likely therefore she was an elder sister to Caroline.

    • In the 1841 census William Mordaunt, an English East India merchant, his wife, Lucy and their children Mary, William, George and Alfred, were in Magdalene Green, Dundee. They returned to London shortly after and their details are given on the Mordaunt Family in London page

    • W(?). Mordant (sic) (abt 1849 - ?), born in Glasow, was recorded in the English 1881 census in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs. He appears to have been an professional musician accompanying two singers on tour. In the English 1891 census a William Mordant, musician, born in Greenock in about 1851, and his wife Emma (abt. 1862 - ?), born in Norwich, were living in Plymouth.

    • Henry G. Mordaunt (abt 1851 - ?) is listed in the 1881 census as born in Edinburgh and working as a "labourer (floorcloth)", whatever that may be and boarding with the Smart family in St Clair Street, Dysart. In the 1891 census he has married Ann H. (abt 1852 - ?) from Fifeshire, still working as a floorcloth labourer and living in Dysart. In 1901 he had progressed to being linoleum labourer. They seem to have had no children.

    • Edward Mordaunt (abt 1844 - ?), a master mariner, born in St. Peter Port, Guernsey (see Channel islands above) was perhaps at sea for the 1881 census but his wife, Wilhemina (abt 1855 - ?) from Paisley, is recorded in the parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeenshire, working as a provision dealer. However, they were together for the 1891 census in Govan, Glasgow. None of the family are recorded in Scotland in the 1901 census.
      • Edward Mordaunt (abt 1890 - ?) was born in Glasgow.

    • Francis J. Mordaunt (abt 1859 - ?) was is recorded in the 1891 census as born in the Isle of Man. He was working as a bill poster and living in a house of refuge for the destitute in Canongate, Edinburgh. However, by 1901 he was a sewing machine salesman, married to Alison N. (abt 1870 - ?) from Crossgates, Fifeshire.
      • John F. N. Mordaunt (abt 1897 - ?) was born in Arbroath
      • Margaret C. M. Mordaunt (abt 1900 - ?) was born in Montrose


    • William Mordaunt (abt 1631 - 1707), youngest son of Sir Charles Mordaunt, 2nd Baronet, married Anne Butler of Scovis Town (var. Scovistown, Scavington, Scovaston and Scoveston), Pembrokshire, on 22nd July 1656 at St Benet's, Paul's Wharf. In 1661 they were enjoying the Butler estate at Hilton before moving to the main Butler residence, Scoveston. Among anything else, he achieved office in Wales in the "Court of the Marches of Wales" and as "officer of receiving answers, replications, rejoiners etc." whatever they may have been; perhaps they were the same appointment (Calender of State Papers Domestic, Charles II, December 1662). Before his death he left Wales for an estate in Devon.

      Two Mordants (sic) appear in the records, born in Swansea within three years of each other, so it is hard not to assume they were brothers. As such, I have put them together here

    • Frederick Mordant (sic) (abt 1834 - before 1901) was born in Swansea, according to the 1891 census, and arrived via Islington and Birmingham in Kilburn. His wife was Ellen R. (abt. 1843 - ?) from Marylebone and he was described as a commissioning agent. He had died by the 1901 census. Later, at his son, Alfred's, wedding in 1903 he was described as a mortgage broker. Ellen was living with her son, Henry, in Highbury. at the 1911 census.
      • Catherine D. Mordant (abt 1866 - ?). She was recorded in the 1891 census as born in Islington, working as a school governess. She was not at home for the 1901 census.
      • Esther R. Mordant (abt 1869 - ?) She was recorded in the 1891 census as born in Islington, working as a professional singer. Called Stella in the 1901 census, she was at home with no employment recorded.
      • Adelaide Louise Mordant (abt 1876 - ?) She was recorded in the 1891 census as born in Birmingham. She married Arthur Evan Davies, a merchant, at St. Mary, Kilburn, on 26th September, 1896. Perhaps it was because of the wedding that she was baptised as an adult at St. Mary's, Islington, on 3rd September, 1896.
      • Henry E. Mordant (abt 1877 - 1916?) He was recorded in the 1891 census as born in Birmingham. In the 1901 and 1911 censuses he was recorded at home, working as a hatter's assistant. He witnessed his brother's wedding in 1903. I assume he was the Henry Emanuel Mordant, a porter, whose death was recorded at St. Pancras Infirmary on 18th December, 1916.
      • Alfred John Mordant (13th October 1878 - ?) He was recorded in the 1891 census as born in Birmingham. In the 1901 census he was at home, recorded as a commercial traveller, which was also his description when he married Jessie Mabel Muchmore at St. Paul's, Kilburn Square, on 26th August, 1903. Perhaps it was because of the wedding that he was baptised as an adult at St. Paul's, Kilburn Square, on 21st July, 1903. By the 1911 census they were living in Maida Vale and had three children.
        • Olive Mabel Mordant (abt 1904 - ?) was born in Kentish Town.
        • Lionel Alfred F. Mordant (abt 1907 - ?) was born in Paddington.
          • Lionel Alfred Mordant was born in India
            • Marc Mordant was born in Singapore and is now living in London. I am very grateful to Marc for writing to me with some details of his family.
            • David Mordant was born in Singapore and is now living in Oxfordshire
        • Garnet Howard Mordant (abt 1909 - ?) was born in Paddington.
    • Alfred Mordant (sic) (abt 1837 - ?), born in Swansea, Glamorgan was a Stockbroker living in Edgbaston with his family in the 1881 census (page 1 continued on page 2). His wife, Rebecca (abt. 1843 - ?) was from Birmingham. By the 1891 census they had moved to Hampstead in London and he was described as a valuer auctioneer. It is a bit of a mystery to me where the family were at the 1871 census and then the 1901 census but they re-emerge at the 1911 census, by which time the parents Alfred and Rebecca had died and four of the children were living together.
      • Florence Mordant (abt. 1864 - ?) born in Swansea. She was living with her brother Arthur and two sisters at the 1911 census.
      • Julia Sarah Annie Mordant (abt. 1866 - 18th March 1937) born in Swansea. She was living with her brother Arthur and two sisters at the 1911 census. Probate was granted to her brother, Arthur.
      • Sophia Mordant (abt. 1869 - ?) born in Swansea. She was living with her brother Arthur and two sisters at the 1911 census.
      • Arthur David Mordant (abt. 1872 - ?) born in Swansea. In the 1891 census he was described as a clerk valuer CC(?). At the 1911 census he was recorded as a surveyor, supporting his three eldest sisters. When granted probate on his sister Julia's estate he was described as an auctioneer.
      • Annie Mordant (abt. 1874 - ?) born in Birmingham. It is a reasonable guess that she married Charles Cohen, described in the 1911 census as a financier. At the census her brother Frederick and his family were visitors.
        • Rebecca Cohen (abt 1902 - ?)
        • Morris(?) Cohen (abt. 1904 - ?)
        • Lionel Cohen (abt. 1906 - ?)
      • Philip Mordant (abt. 1876 - ?) born in Birmingham. In the 1891 census he was described as a clerk accountant
      • Frederick Mordant (abt. 1878 - ?) born in Birmingham. Around 1906 he married wife Nellie and they were recorded as visitors to the home of his sister Annie at the 1911 census when he was employed as a jeweller's shop assistant.
        • Alfred Mordant (abt 1908 - ?)
        • Douglas Mordant (abt. 1909 - ?)
        It is a bit of a mystery to me where the family were at the 1871 census and after.

    • Fanny Mordant (sic) (abt. 1839 - ?), born in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, made an appearance in the 1861 census, working as a live-in servant to a leather merchant in Brick Lane, Spitalfields.

    • A Juliette Mordaunt (abt 1863 - ?), born in Limeray, France, is recorded as a general servant to James Buckley, brewer, in Llanelly, in the 1881 census.

    • On the date of the 1891 census, Adela, Irene, Cicely, Osbert and Lilian Mordaunt, the children from baronet's family at Walton Hall, were holidaying(?), perhaps under the supervision of the two nurses also boarding, in Llandundno

    • Thomas Mordaunt (abt. 1856 - ?), born in Woolwich, appears in the 1901 census, an Able Seaman, in Cardiff, married to Mary (abt. 1866 - ?) from Ilfracombe. He had left the sea by the 1911 census when he was in Glamorgan working as a general labourer.
      • Albert E. Mordaunt (abt. 1904 - ?) born in Cardiff. In 1926 he married Olive Mayled in Cardiff.
        • Peter J. Mordaunt (b. 1930) was born in Cardiff. He married Joan Puckering in Westminster in 1950

    • Mordaunt, Lawson & Co were iron merchants in Cardiff and Liverpool in the 1901 telephone directory


      I've no idea from where

      The following could come from a family already listed elsewhere in this website or may be a completely "new" family. That is the point. I do not know!

    • Jermiah Mordant (sic) of Warwick married illiterate Hannah Gillins, also of Warwick, on 11th October, 1786

    • Charlotte Mordaunt (abt. 1776 - ?) was resident/staying at Warwick Terrace, Clarendon Crescent, Leamington Priors, (now Royal Leamington Spa) at the 1841 census. She may have been a member of the Baronets's family or their cousins in Somerset or she may have been neither.

    • Peter Mordaunt married Mary Ann Samson on 4th July 1805 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, according to a transcript
      • William Peter Mordaunt (? - 1807), was buried in Yarmouth according to another transcript
    • Mary Mordaunt (abt. 1815 - ?) was recorded living independently out in East Donyland, south of Colchester, Essex, in the 1841 census.

    • John Mordaunt (abt. 1816 - ?), aged 25 years (rounded to nearest 5 years, was recorded in Norwich in the 1841 census, living on independent means. He had not been born in the county.

    • Charles Mordant (sic) (abt. 1821 - ?), suddenly appears, 70 years-old, in the 1891 census, born in Headington, Somerset, wherever that was, I cannot find it, working as a gardener in Aston Birmingham. He was married to Selina (abt. 1835 - ?), born in Wednesbury, Staffs, who was working as a laundress.
      • Amy Mordant (abt. 1870 - ?), born in Birmingham. She was described as being in the "watch trade," whatever that may have meant.
      • Charles Mordant (abt. 1875), born in Birminham. He was described as a watchmaker.

    • John Mordaunt, a mariner, is someone I am surprised I cannot trace. He was named as the captain of the sailing ship "Canton" who earned his passengers' approbation on a voyage from London to Adelaide in April/May 1838. Perhaps he was the same John Mordaunt who was master of the "Mazeppa" sailing between San Francisco and Port Jackson, New South Wales, in 1850. He may also be the John Mordaunt who died in South Australia, 27th September, 1865. The National Probate Calendar states that he had been a mariner, formerly Chief Mate of ship "Medina" but late of the city of Adelaide in charge of the Powder magazines. However it seems strange to describe a former ship's captain and master only as a former chief mate. Letters of Administration were awarded in April 1866 to Agnes Mordaunt, his widow, of Black Rock, Cork, Ireland. Whether she had been with him in Australia and later went to Ireland, I do not know.

    • Elizabeth Mordaunt (abt. 1839 - ?) makes a mystifying entry in the 1861 census. Aged aged 22 years, she was working as a governess for a farmer's children in Lydiard Tregoze, near Swindon, Wilts. Her place of birth was given as Steeple Ashton, even further into deepest Wiltshire.

    • Harriett Mordaunt (? - ?), married John Peter Antony in Jessore, West Bengal, India, on 26th September 1860. What was she doing in India? Perhaps she was a widow of a soldier or an East India Company employee.

    • Ann Mordaunt (abt. 1848 - ?) was listed in the 1871 census, aged 23 years, boarding in Chelsea working as a milliner. The census states that she was born in Poole, Devon, which is confusing. Even if it was meant to be Poole, Dirset, it is still confusing what family she came from.

    • Florence Alice Mordaunt (abt 1855 - 12th August 1936). Living at 'Eversley', 24 The Avenue, Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset, her death was recorded in 1936. I have not yet traced her anywhere else. Probate was not granted to a family member.

    • George Mordaunt (abt. 1856, perhaps 1853, - ?), was an "independent gentleman", born in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, who appears as if from nowhere in the 1911 census with his wife of less than one year, Margrett (abt. 1876 ?) from Saltburn (by-Sea?), visitors to Grantham.

    • John Frederick Mordant (sic), a coachman, and his wife Mary Agnes appear in Warwickshire, named as the parents at the baptism of
      • James Mordant (abt. 1878 - ?), baptised at St. Paul's, Leamington Priors on 4th December, 1878.

    • 1912, 1914 and 1916 directories on Nottingham list Samuel Sl. and Mordaunt, pawnbrokers at 2, Derby Road, Nottingham


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