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11. Mordaunt Family in Africa

1148 - 1475
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This page is regularly added to or corrected as I discover or am given more information. Any information you can provide about your family members, past or present, would be very welcome. Please forward to
This page was last amended in November 2022


  • Elinor Mordaunt (1872 - 1942) was the nom de plume of Evelyn May Clowes. An account of her life is given in Australian Dictionary of Biography. After an unhappy marriage she changed her name, and that of her son, Godfrey, by deed poll in 1915, to that of her nom de plume.
    I am very grateful to her great-grandson, Christopher Mordaunt, who kindly wrote to me in October 2013 about his family and tidied up some loose ends on the "Mordaunt family in Africa" webpage.
    As already mentioned, Elinor had a son
    • Godfrey Weston Mordaunt (9th March 1903 - 24th June 1965), born in Melbourne. He married Joan Mary Frith. At some time, he went to Kenya and was a maize and coffee grower, according to correspondence between" "Evelyn" and "Bob Barnes" on the website. The correspondence gives his wife as Ann, which seems most probably an error. Joan was later to marry the plane builder Geoffrey De Haviland, in Kenya in 1951.
      • Phillip Mordaunt (30th August 1932 - 18th April, 1997). His birth was registered in Nairobi. He clearly did not take over the plantation and returned to the UK. His marriage to Iris Mary Trevethan (? - 2013) was registered in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, UK. They emigrated to the USA in 1966 where Phillip worked as an engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft in Connecticut.
        • Christopher Mordaunt (b. 29th May, 1963) He was born in Bedfordshire, UK. He is now living in Pennsylvania, USA.
        • Patricia Ann Mordaunt (b. 14th June 1964). She was born in Bedfordshire, UK. She is now living in Massachusetts, USA.
      • Ann Mordaunt. I am not sure which child was the elder. She married ? Darrell and lives in Bath, UK.

South Africa and Swaziland/eSwatini

I originally tried to keep South Africa and Swaziland/eSwatini separate on this webpage but there is so much movement between the two I have decided to merge them together

The first nine recorded generations can be found in greater detail in the 1148 - 1475 web page of this site.

  • Osmond Mordaunt is mentioned in 1197 as the father of
    • Eustace Mordaunt who was given rights to land that had been held by his father. His son was
      • William Mordaunt who is recorded as dying not long after 1280. His son was
        • William Mordaunt who is recorded as dying after 1323. His son was
          • Robert Mordaunt who was born about 1260s. His son was
            • Edmund Mordaunt who was recorded as dying in 1327. His son was
              • Robert Mordaunt who was born after 1353 and died before 1397. His son was
                • Robert Mordaunt who did in 1449. His son was
                  • William Mordaunt who died about 1475. His son was John Mordaunt

The next eight recorded generations can be found in greater detail in the Tudors/Stuarts webpage of this site.

  • John Mordaunt, died 1504 was the eldest of William's sons
    • John Mordaunt (1480 - 1562) was created 1st Baron of Turvey. His sixth son was
      • George Mordaunt (b. abt. 1518)
        • Lewis Mordaunt (b.abt. 1543) was the second son but became the heir
          • George Mordaunt (b. 1601) was the eldest son and heir
            • George Mordaunt (b.1635) was the second son but became the heir
              • Lewis Mordaunt (b. 1665) was the third son
                • John Mordaunt (b. 1696) was the second son. He became a vintner (wine merchant) by trade

The next five recorded generations can be found in greater detail in the Mordaunts in London webpage of this site.

  • John Stiles Mordaunt< (1720/21 - 1781) was christened at St. Bartholomew Exchange in the city of London on 22nd January 1720 ("old" calender when new year's day was 25th March - 1721 in the modern calender). According to research by Jane Wherity (née Mordaunt), his wife was Jane Mordaunt who clearly died before his last Will in 1770, proven in 1781, which made provision only for his surviving children, listed as John, Sarah, George, Jenny, Ewer and Sophia. This was, albeit briefly, a very prolific branch of the family whose descendents spread out across London, the south of England, Australia and Swaziland/South Africa:
    • George Mordaunt (? - before 1841) and his first wife Dorothy Curling appear as parents of a number of children christened at the church of St. Andrew Undershaft in the city of London. On Dorothy's death he married his second wife Mary Coward (abt. 1778 - 1864) and they appear as parents of children christened in the churches of St. Andrew Undershaft and Old Church, St Pancras between 1797 and 1811. The sixth child of this union was:
      • William Henry Mordaunt (abt 1806 - 45), was living in Magdelene Green, Dundee, working as an East India merchant at the Scottish census of 1841. His wife was Lucy Mary (abt 1816 - 1883). They obviously returned to the London area shortly after and his death was recorded in St Martin in the Fields, Middx. His widow Lucy died in the Edmonton district in 1883. The third of four children of William recorded in the censuses was:
        • George Mordaunt (abt 1837 - 1913?), who was born in a variety of places in Middlesex depending which census you look at. In 1861 he was in Kennington, London, working as a Russia merchant, with his wife Ellen Jane (abt 1835 - ?) who was born in Kennington. By 1901, George and Ellen appear to have separated; Ellen was living with daughter Grace in Wallington while George had a separate household, with two servants, in Reigate.
          They had had seven children (see the Mordaunts in London page), among whom were three who went to southern Africa:
          • 3rd. Hugh Lee Mordaunt (b. 1865)
          • 4th. Archibald Quintin Mordaunt (b. 1869),
          • 6th. Robert Ernest Mordaunt (b. 1872)

    I do not know who blazed the trail, Hugh or Archibald. Definitely, Robert followed many years later, in 1919. So I do not know for certain which of the brothers is being referred to in the following extracts taken from The Kingdom of Swaziland - Studies in Political History by D. Hugh Gillis (published by Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999), on Google Books, but I believe they all refer to Archibald since the final quotation definitely refers to Archibald, as secretary of the Swaziland Farmers' Association, and the author writes throughout as if he is referring to the same person:

    1. page 184 A footnote relates that a list of 120 men granted burgher status, prepared in January 1895, included a Mordaunt (SwA. DO9/156A; enc; Aug 10, 1895)
    2. page 103 (In 1898) a growing estrangement between the king and his mother appears to have been generally suspected. Labotsibeni (the mother) was said to be losing faith in Bhunu's (her son's) suitability for the kingship and was looking more to his younger brother, Malunge, who, according to the rumour, was being doctored in preparation for kingship. There was another disturbing rumour circulated by Zombodze watchers. Three days after Mbhaba's assassination, Smuts wrote to Milner: "For more than a year I have known that the Paramount Chief and his mother have not been on good terms, and that he suspected Mbhaba of having illicit intercourse with her." Swazi custom laid down strict and somewhat complex rules about relationships between the sexes: and a violation of the code by a senior chief and a widowed queen could be considered a grave offense, punishable by "killing off." When Labotsibeni sent Mordaunt, a British trader who was a friend, to inform Smuts of Mbhaba's death, he said that she was terrified for her own safety; and as Smuts informed the High Commissioner: "Mr. Mordaunt tells me that he gathers the charges against Mbaba (sic.) are that he tried to poison the Paramount Chief, that he spent his money, and that he has had illicit intercourse with his mother. He thinks that Longcanga, Zibokwana, Inslaba and Jokuvu are the men who instigated or advised the Paramount Chief to order Mbaba's death."
    3. page 116 With the king's death, the situation in the kingdom appears to have become less controlled. Lobatsibeni was at best of times strong willed but, when faced with tragedy, sought explanation and redress through traditional sources. She was convinced that Bhunu had been poisoned. Witch doctors were asked to "smell out" the culprit, and they pointed to one of the leading chiefs, Zibokwana, who had carried out important missions for the kingdom and was a member of the last deputation sent to England. Despite the trauma of the Mbhaba affair, Zibokwana was put to death, apparently with the queen's assent. The Swazi commonly believed the poison theory. Mordaunt, writing from the Lebombo camp, stated that the Swazi "followed out their old custom ... and had some people killed, amongst whom was Zibokwana," and that he had written to the queen to deplore what was happening."
    4. page 164/5 Towards the end of 1915, it was announced that Coryndon would be transferred to Basutoland as resident commissioner. His eight years in Swaziland had been transitional and had given rise to controversy. But relations with the queen-regent and chiefs had so improved that there was genuine concern at his leaving. The Swazis had taken Coryndon's measure and accepted him as an able, energetic man who, in spite of initial differences, was empathetic to their interests. The European community was also favourably disposed. Mordaunt, secretary of the Swaziland Farmers' Association, informed the High Commission, "The relations betweeen Europeans and Natives have improved to such a marked degree .... that the Europeans view with some uneasiness any disturbance of the present personnel of the Government.".
    5. That this last Mordaunt is definitely Archibald Quentin Mordaunt is confirmed by a letter in the Swazi National Archives from A. Q. Mordaunt, honorary secretary of the Swaziland Farmers' Association, to the Government Secretary dated 29th November 1911 which argued, according to an article in the Journal of South African Studies, 1st April 1985, that (Swazi native) tenants should no longer have responsibility to their chiefs and should not be regarded as constituents for tax collection purposes, a proposal which was rejected by the Resident Commissioner.
    6. Footnote 78 to an article of the South African Military History Society quotes an article in The Natal Mercury (17th August 1901) that a Mordaunt was one of three British civilians taken prisoner by the Boers at Bremersdorp (now Manzini) in July 1901 in the Anglo-Boer War. The town was burnt by the Boers, which may have included his property.

    According to the Wikipedia article on Swaziland/eSwatini, "In 1881 the British government signed a convention recognising Swazi independence despite the Scramble for Africa that was taking place at the time. This independence was also recognised in the London Convention of 1884. Because of controversial land/mineral rights and other concessions, Swaziland had a triumviral administration in 1890 following the death of King Mbandzeni in 1889. This government represented the British, the Dutch republics and the Swazi people. In 1894 a convention placed Swaziland under the South African Republic as a protectorate. This continued under the rule of Ngwane V until the outbreak of the Second Boer War in October 1899. King Ngwane V died in December 1899. His successor Sobhuza II was four months old. Swaziland was indirectly involved in the war with various skirmishes between the British and the Boers occurring in the country until 1902. In 1903, after the British victory in the Anglo-Boer war, Swaziland became a British protectorate. Following this, Swaziland was partitioned into European and non-European (or native reserves) areas with the former being two-thirds of the total land." Independence was achieved in 1968

          • Hugh Lee Mordaunt (1865 - before 1915), the eldest of the brothers who moved to Africa, was born in Islington, London. He was baptised in St Mary, Hornsey Rise, London, on 13th May, 1865. In the 1871 census (page 2 and page 1 ) he was staying with an unmarried aunt, his mother's sister, in Earls Colne, Essex. He then disappears from the official records in the UK and, like his younger brother, he went to South Africa and farmed in Swaziland. He married Beatrice Thompson (1878 - ?), born in Derby, in Durban in 1897. Hugh died in Nairobi and Beatrice afterwards married a Captain Ansell in 1915.
            • Herbert Mordaunt (? - 1962/63). I am still a little confused as to the order of the birth of his children and to which mother. I was delighted to be contacted by Melanie Malema, Herbert's grandaughter, who informed me that his first wife was Flora Diamini (Diamini is the name of the Swazi royal family), the daughter of a European lady and a Swazi prince. Melanie is one of her granddaughters.
              • Ruth Mordaunt
                • Leslie Crowie who lives in South Africa. I am very grateful to Leslie who made contact and informed me about her family.
              • Richard (Dick) Mordaunt (b. February 1936) who married Shirley
                • Melanie Mordaunt. She married ? Malema, a South African, and lives in Johannesburg
              I was also delighted to be contacted by Professor Sarah Mkhonza, now of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, who told me that Herbert had had a farm in Swaziland that is now Mkhaya reserve in KaMkhweli. Sarah's mother worked for Herbert and Sarah was born on the farm. His workers gave him the African name Ndlumhlophe. He married an Afrikaner, Poppy. He later left the farm and moved to Natal. Sarah's mother remembered two sons of Herbert whom she called Yooyoo and Kukus.
              • Hugh Mordaunt (presumably Yooyoo)
              • Christopher Mordaunt (presumably Kukus)
                • Scott Mordaunt
                • Brett Mordaunt who lives in Port Elizabeth. He married Claire Lauren Myles, who kindly made contact through my Guestbook. Her grandparents, Denis Patrick and May Myles, with their six children, moved to South Africa from the UK in 1963/4. I am very grateful to Brett who made contct with me in 2019 to correct some errors and provide more information about his family
                • Melissa Mordaunt
              Another story passed on to me by Sarah Mkhonza was of a woman employee in the kitchens who actually worked and got paid nothing, but Ndlumhlophe did buy her an artificial leg for her after she was bitten by a cobra at the farm.
              Details of his farm are included in a book 'Big Bend: A History of the Swaziland Bushveld' by Peter Gosnell.

          • Archibald Quintin Mordaunt (1869 - 1935), who was born in Islington. He was baptised at St. Mary's, Hornsey, Middlesex, on 23rd October, 1869. In the English 1881 census he was at a boarding school in Croydon and by 1888 was already in southern Africa. I have found no record yet of a marriage or of any other children other than:
            • Walter William Mordaunt (1906 - 1982) who is listed in the Mormon site. Born on 8th May 1906 in Hlatikulu where he is also buried (died on 27th July 1982). For some ten years on this site I expressed uncertainty that Walter was the son of Archibald but I am grateful to his son, Owen Mordaunt, for confirming it. According to his granddaughter Shireen, who made contact through my Guestbook, Walter was close to King Sobhuza and involved in (the rather short-lived) parliament. He had two wives, the first was Paulina, mother of all the children except Fenton, and Fenton's mother Emmah. His sons in order of age were:
              • Walter Mordaunt who married Queenie
                • Maureen Mordaunt
                  • Quentin
                  • Jason
                • Elton Mordaunt (d. ?)
                • Mark Mordaunt (d. 2002)
                  • Mara-lee Mordaunt (b. 1986)' I am very grateful to Mara who made contact through the site Guest Book and provided additional information about her family
                  • Jade Mordaunt (b. 1990)
              • Cyril Mordaunt married Enid
                • Lionel Mordaunt
                • Linear Mordaunt
                • Vanessa Mordaunt
                • Kevin Mordaunt
                Cyril married again and, among any other children, he had a daughter
                • Susan Mordaunt who married Thaulani Mthunzi in 2009. I am very grateful to Susan who made contact with me through my Guestbook.
              • Professor Owen Mordaunt was born in Swaziland but is now teaching in the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Many of his academic papers and works are on the Internet. He met his American wife, Bev, from Indiana, in Swaziland and they moved to the US in 1984
                • Alycia Mordaunt (b. abt. 1988) studied biochemical engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology
                • Austin Mordaunt (b. abt. 1995)
              • Philip Arthur Mordaunt (b. 1948). He worked for a mining company, Kwalini, in Matsapha. He married twice. 1. Rosita de Carvalho, (b. 1953) who is Portugeuse and now lives in Marvi Flats, Manzini.
                • Regan Mordaunt (b. 1972)
                • Shireen Mordaunt (b. 1973).
                  • Braxten Mordaunt (b. 1997)
                  I am very grateful to Shireen who made contact with me through my Guestbook.
                • Ricardo Mordaunt (b. 1978) submitted a "Motivational and Positive Quote" on 4th August 2000. He married Natalie Cuthbert in 2006.
                • Bianca Mordaunt (b. 1979)
                • Tharlene Mordaunt b. 1984) married Wandile Ntombini in 2006
                  • Justin Monwabisi Ntombini (b. 2005)
                and 2. Philip married a second (Swazi) wife whose name I do not have:
                • Arthur Mordaunt is a journalist for The Times of Swaziland. A search of Google will bring up a number of his articles. In September 2009 he ceased simply reporting the news and became the news!
                With Doris Kunene, whom he met while working at Bulembu mine in the 1980s, he had a son
                • Cruise Mordaunt. I am grateful to Cruise for writing to me (April 2017) with information about his family and father, Philip. Cruise married Chrisen Neumann and lives in Mbabane, Swaziland, and they have three children:
                  • Neliswa Mordaunt
                  • Cruise Mordaunt Jr.
                  • Jayden Mordaunt
              Walter William Mordaunt's daughters were:
              • Violinah Catherine Mordaunt (b. abt 1928 - 29th June 2020) married John Donald Arends (decd.) and now lives in Johannesburg. Among any other children she may have had was
                • Sybil Arends (dec'd)
                • Sandra Arends (dec'd)
                • Aubrey Arends (dec'd)
                • Philip Arends (dec'd)
                • Stephen Arends
                • Margaret Arends
                • Irene Arends (1954 - January 2021). She died aged 66 years
                • Peggy Arends
                • Antonatte Arends, now Antonatte Mentor, who lives in Johannesburg. I am very grateful to Antonatte who has written about her mother and family in my Guestbook and by e-mail
                After her divorce from John Arends, Violinah had another son
                • Dean Johnson
              • Isabel Mordaunt, now Isabel Maber, in Johannesburg
                • Archibald Desmond Littler who married Dolores De Carvalho, presumably a relation of Philip's wife, Rosita, above
                  • Karen Littler, now Karen Davy, who kindly wrote to me with this information.
              • Dolly Mordaunt, now Dolly Marks
                • Kendrick Mordaunt is still living in Hlatikulu
                  • Chantie Mordaunt
                  • Boy Boy Mordaunt
                  • daughter Mordaunt whose name Antonatte had forgotten when she wrote to me
              With his second wife Emmah, Walter William had another son
              • Fenton Mordaunt married Beatrice. They live in Manzini.
                • Dean Mordaunt who married Sandy from Botswana. He moved to South Africa in 1998 and is now in Vereeniging, Gauteng.
                  • Christopher Mordaunt
                  • Nathan Mordaunt. I am grateful to Nathan who kindly wrote to me with additional information about his family.
                  By one of life's many little coincidences, Dean Mordaunt works for the same company as my daughter, Sarah Mordaunt, now Sarah Elder, worked for several years, albeit on another continent. I am very grateful for the information he has provided, gaps he has filled and loose ends he has tied up. In gratitude to him I am happy to pass on his message to all Mordaunts worldwide:
                  "God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. The God I’m referring to is the creator of the universe and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible says that all have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of God (including the Mordaunts). It also says that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is Eternal life in Christ Jesus. I urge every Mordaunt and their families to choose life this day and that is by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives and believing in their hearts that God raised him from the dead for our justification. According to Roman 10:9-10, you will be saved. Amen"
                • Nolene Mordaunt
                  • Chandre Job
                  • Adrianne Job
                • Arlene Mordaunt
                  • Anisha Mordaunt
            • Albert Mordaunt who married Fannie Carrington,
              • Louise Mordaunt, now late. She never married but had three sons
                • Chicks Mordaunt, now late
                • Trevor Mordaunt
                • Frederick Mordaunt
              • Sybil Mordaunt now late. She married Joseph Gleen
                • Gerald Gleen
                • Rositta Gleen
                • Radley Gleen
              • Rita Mordaunt, now late. She married Swatio Mieka
                • Louise Mordaunt
                • Jergen Mieka
                • Michelle Mieka
                • Hans Mieka
              • Brenda Mordaunt. I am very grateful to Brenda who kindly wrote to me in August 2015 to tell me about her mother and sisters and their families. Brenda describes that they were brought up in Malkerns, Swaziland, and had little contact with the Hlatikulu Mordaunts. She married ? Henwood.
                • Antoinette Henwood
                • Jude Henwood
                • Kristal Henwood
              A Master Herbert Mordaunt (b. 1899? - ?) accompanied Archibald Quintin on a voyage from Durban to Southampton on the SS Saxon, arriving 2nd August 1913. I suspect it was his nephew although one Internet family tree places him as a son. Archibald's daughter Nell's family history notes do not mention him.
              Archibald Quintin Mordaunt married Annie Poole in Croydon, South London, on 11th March 1914.
              • Margaret Joyce Mordaunt (18th February 1915 - ?). She married Stephen Jewitt and they had four children A granddaughter is Jenni Clarkson who contacted me through the Guest Book.
              • Nell Mordaunt (13th June 1916 - ?). She married Bill Baker and they had three children. She made notes of her family's history which passed down to her grand niece, Jenni
              He died 30th May 1935 while living at Southbroom, Port Shepstone, Natal. His wife was named as Nancy in the National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations).
              I am very grateful to Jenni Clarkson, Archibald's great granddaughter, who contacted me through the Guest Book, with a lot of information about her family originally recorded by her great aunt Nell, and the photographs below.
              Jenni records that Archibald had a hotel in Swaziland- Bremersdorp. After Annie and the girls had been on holiday in England they returned to find "Archibald had sold the hotel and built a trading store and house at Umzumbe on the Natal south coast. 5 years later they sold and moved to Umtentweni. The girls went to St Elmo’s Convent.
              Archie spent most of the time fishing with his umfaan(boy) Vivi.
              When the girls went to England to go to school, he sold up and moved back to Swaziland for a short while and then moved to Impenjati on the Natal south coast. He rented rondavels for the Knox-Gore family and ran them as the Palm Beach Hotel. He had a stroke in 1932.
              Later he rented the Mount Joy Hotel in St Michaels on Sea which he ran for a couple of years. When the Eyles Brothers built the Southbroom Hotel, he was asked to supervise the building and order all fittings etc. Both girls were to leave England to go and help him run the hotel but as they were leaving they had a cable to say he had had another stroke and had died a few hours later. The girls and Annie did go out and ran the hotel in 1935."

        15/08/1888 in Durban,
        Archibald front centre,
        brother Robert on the left

        Darkton Post Office
        Archibald is possibly the man
        nearest the dog

        Archibald's first store
        in Swaziland

        A store in Bremersdorp
        Presumably burnt by the
        Boer raiding party?

        Archibald and his wife Annie
        possibly at Pumula, Natal coast.


          • Robert Ernest Mordaunt (abt 1872 - 1925) was born in Highgate and baptised in St. Mary's, Hornsey Rise, on 2nd September, 1871. He is presumably the Bertie of family reminiscences. Curiously Robert is not recorded in the Birth List. In the 1881 census he was at a boarding school in Croydon. He was with his brother Archibald in Swaziland in 1888, barely 16 years old. He returned to England before the 1891 UK census. He was missing again for the 1901 UK census but in 1906 he married Gladys Dillon (abt 1887 - ?), a stage actress. in Croydon. In the 1911 census he was described as an oil broker, living with his mother-in-law who seemed to have run a boarding house, at 27 Clarendon Road, Wallington, Croydon. Robert and Gladys divorced in 1914 (National Archives Divorce Court File 4837) and passenger lists show that Robert and his two sons (then aged about 12 and 10 years) sailed to Durban, South Africa, from London in 1919. They family ended up settling in South Africa. He died in hospital on 11th March 1925 living at Drift Halt, Durban, his brother Charles Heath being one of those awarded probate of his assets in England.
            I am indebted to Marilyn Schliesser and Pamela Naude, his granddaughters, who made contact with me and provided all the subsequent information.
            • Frederick Dillon Mordaunt (1907 - around 1940-1950) was born in Wallington, near Croydon. He was apparently known in the family as Derek
              • Peter Mordaunt (b. 1932) now living in Natal. He was a teacher
              • Michael Mordaunt (b. 1938) who became a teacher and is now living in Cowies Hill, near Durban.
                • Robert Mordaunt. He may be the Rob Mordaunt listed as an alumni of Westville Boys High School, KwaZulu Natal, in 1986, who is now owner of Allied Transport in the Durban area
                • John Mordaunt
            • Charles Robert Mordaunt (1909 - 1995) was born in Wallington, near Croydon. In South Africa he married Irene Ethel Hughes
              • Marilyn Francis Mordaunt (b. 1947) who married Peter Wilhelm Schliesser and is living in Essen, Germany.
              • Clive Edgar Mordaunt (b. 1950) was born in Johannesburg and is now living in Langebaan, Cape.
                • Mark Mordaunt was educated at Noordgesig Senior Secondary school and when was last heard was a systems engineer at Avusa Media in Johannesburg
              • Pamela Jane Mordaunt (b. 1956) was born in Johannesburg and is now living in Langebaan, Cape.
                • Marissa Naude
                • Chloe Naude
            Robert remarried in South Africa and had another son
            • Robert Ernest Mordaunt (1925 - 1999), who was born in Durban. He married Joan Alma Taylor (1925 - 1986) from Uppingham, Rutland.
              • Debra Jane Mordaunt, now Debra Edwards, was born in Cape Town.. She now lives in Shaftesbury, England. I am very grateful to Debra for writing to me with information about her father and family
              • Michelle Mordaunt was born in Cape Town. I an very grateful to Michelle for writing to me in November ´17 with even more information about herself and her family. She and her sister Hayley are twins. She married Joao Pedro Canotilho Bexiga and uses the married surname Mordaunt-Bexiga - "When I realised we would have no sons amongst we 3 daughters to continue the name I changed my married surname of Bexiga back to Mordaunt-Bexiga." She is an alumni of the University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University, and at the time of writing to me is working on a PhD at the University of the Western Cape.
              • Hayley Mordaunt, now Hayley Burnett. I am very grateful to Hayley for writing in my Guest Book. She and her sister Michelle are twins. She lives in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

          • Eric Mordaunt was a cousin mentioned in the family history of Archibald Quintin's daughter, Nell, quoted by Jenni Clarkson (see above). Whose son he was is not recorded and I have not yet found any other mention of an Eric among any of Archibald's family in London or southern Africa. In 1922 a 21 year-old Eric Mordaunt, an engineer, sailed from Capetown to London on the SS Guildford Castle, heading for Somewhere on Sea that I cannot make out from the passenger list, in Essex. Whether it is the same Eric I cannot tell.
            In 1935 he was living with his wife and son in Durban, according to Nell Mordaunt.
            • Leigh Mordaunt. Nell does not seem to have liked him!

            Whether one of the above, or part of the same family or neither I do not know, but contempory was

          • unknown Mordaunt who, his great grandaughter Anneline Mordaunt who kindly made contact the site Guest Book believes, was from Ireland and with a Swazi wife had a son:
            • Ellie Archibald Mordaunt (abt 1911 - 1997). Raised in Swaziland and working as a truckdriver, he moved to Johannesburg where he met and married Martha from Mafeking
              • George Mordaunt (b. abt. 1946) now living in Johannesburg
                • Anneline Mordaunt currently in New Zealand. I am very grateful to Anneline for making contact with this information
              • Arthur Brian Mordaunt, now living in Johannesburg
                • Bradley Mordaunt currently in New Zealand.
              • Eugene Mordaunt, now living in Johannesburg
              • Sonia Mordaunt, now living in Johannesburg
              • Corrine Mordaunt who has sadly not survived.

    There are other Mordaunts in South Africa whose origins I do not yet know. Hopefully one of them will contact me one day and fill in some gaps.

    • Vanessa Adele Mordaunt is listed as an alumni of the Piet Retief High School, Eastern Cape, in 1979

    • Walter Marius Mordaunt from Johannesburg made contact with, wanting to know more about the Mordaunt history. He is listed among the alumni of Noordgesig Sekonder, Gauteng, class of 1986. He married Patricia from Noordgesig
      • Eschel Mordaunt
      • Ethan Mordaunt. He is on Facebook
      • Tyron Mordaunt

    • Mark Mordaunt from Southdale, Johannesburg, is married to Marlene
      • Kyle Mordaunt. He is on Facebook
      • Cole Mordaunt (interesting to see the "return" of the name Cole). He is on Facebook
      • Kayleigh Mordaunt. She is on Facebook

    • Clyde Mordaunt also made contact with guest book (since closed) in April 2006. He was an alumni of Missourilaan Sekondar School, Gauteng, in 1993. He is also listed in the linkedIn Directory and has a page on Facebook.

    • Rebecca Mordaunt is listed as an alumni of the Eldorado Park Sekunder School in 1999

    • Presumably sisters, and daughters of a, to me, unidentified Mordaunt, are

    • Also on Facebook are:

    • Listed in the South African telephone directory:
      • Ab Mordaunt in Johannesburg
      • C. Mordaunt in Johannesburg
      • J. C. Mordaunt in Edenvale, East Rand, Gauteng
      • Dm Mordaunt in Pretoria
      • S. K. Mordaunt in West Rand, Gauteng
      • Jl Mordaunt in Dundee, Pietermaritzburg and Kwazulu-Natal
      • Pj Mordaunt in Richmond, Pietermaritzburg and Kwazulu-Natal
      • M. H. Mordaunt in Durban
      • R. B. Mordaunt in Westville, Durban, Kwazulu. Colleen Mordaunt excells at bowls at Westville Country Club

    • Listed as an IPSC member on the Association of Personnel Service Organisations website is:
      • Racquel Mordaunt of Gauteng.
        She is also listed as an alumni of Riverlea Sekonder, Gauteng, class of 2002, together with Kelly Mordaunt, also listed listed as an alumni of Riverlea Sekonder, Gauteng, class of 2002

    ?????Does anyone know after whom Mordaunt Street, Johannesburg 2094, was named?????

    There are other Mordaunts in Swaziland whose origins I do not yet know. Hopefully one of them will contact me one day and fill in some gaps.

    • V.J. Mordaunt (born abt. 1986) whose Swaziland butterfly 25m swimming record for 7/8 year-olds set in 1994 has still not been beaten (well, up to December 2005 in any case)!
    • Listed in the Swaziland Telephone Directory are:
      • E. Mordaunt of Piggs Peak
      • L. L. Mordaunt of Nhlangano
      • Nonhlanhla H. Mordaunt of Khalanglile
      • W. R. Mordaunt of Khalanglile
      • Thulisile Mordaunt of Nhlangano
      • Trevor P. Mordaunt of Madonsa Township, Manzini
    • On Facebook are:
      • Anisha Mordaunt
      • Girlie Magellan Mordaunt. I am grateful to Girlie for writing to my Mordaunt Family History Facebook page with some details of her family, but I am still not clear where they fit in the overall picture:
        • Raphael Mordaunt
        • Sifiso Stix Mordaunt
        • Tashida Mordaunt
      • Listed in the LinkedIn Directory is:

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